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This is a product only Ad with Ringana

Something I'm always trying to do is become more environmentally friendly, sustainable and organic. 
Whether that's by reducing my plastic use or swapping products out for those that are more eco-
friendly. Every little helps. A brand I recently discovered is Ringana, which is a fresh sustainable 
beauty brand, that stocks skin care, hair care, sport packs and supplements. 

Ringana is an eco-friendly beauty brand that was found in 1996 and have won multiple awards over 
the years. All of their products are completely natural, vegan and cruelty free. They are also a 
sustainable brand and the first in their industry with glass bottles that can be returned. They are 
constantly driven and are always working to make their products better, more natural and sustainable. 

"This tinted moisturiser gives the skin an even and radiant finish by using as little as possible. This 
adapts to the natural pigment in your skin to give the appearance of an even base, whilst also being 
nourishing at the same time." I was worried about this as it is a universal shade which can be quite 
risky, especially for those with fair or deeper complexions. I'm very fair and still found this to be a 
few shades too dark for me. To make sure this matches my skin tone more, I use a small amount (a 
little does go a long way) and fully work it into my skin. I love the way it gives my skin the perfect 
amount of coverage without being heavy and thick as well as making me look naturally radiant. 
However I wouldn't recommend this if you are fair like me or if you have a deeper skin tone as this 
won't work for you, despite claiming to match the natural pigments in your skin.

"Our fresh deodorant is a highly effective creamy white and nurturing water in oil emulsion that 
protects against body odour entire without any, aluminium salts and promotes the skins natural 
sweat." Out of all the products on their website, I was most intrigued by this. I've heard so many 
positive things from people who have switched up their deodorant for something that doesn't contain 
aluminium. I expected this to still appear like a regular deodorant, with the same texture and roll on 
applicator however it has a pump and is almost like a thick balm texture. It applies evenly, has a 
slight tackiness to it (like a regular deodorant) and smells very natural. I'm not a person who sweats a 
lot, however I do have quite large thighs which chafe together when it gets warm. I've enjoyed using 
this on my thighs and at the back of my knees to stop mild sweat and further irritation. 

"The waterproof, newly formulated, nano-free spf 20 sun protection excessively uses natural mineral 
filters, ideal for anybody who wants to avoid synthetic uv filters." Something I'm guilty of never using 
is sunscreen, the only time I do is when I go on holiday because my mom forces me too. It's a step I 
always forget about and also because I haven't found the right one. So many sunscreens are sticky 
and don't sink into the skin, where as this one feel likes a moisturiser and is instantly absorbed into 
the skin. It has a slight yellow colour to it, which disappears once worked into the skin. This doesn't 
say whether or not it can be used underneath makeup, and this does have an different smell compared 
to other sunscreens, which is because this is fresh and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.

I look forward to testing and trying out more products from this brand, and making
 my beauty routine become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


This is an product only AD in partnership with Ringana. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. This is a great review, I haven’t heard of these products before but I love the sound of them! I’ll have to check them out when I next order some skincare items x

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, definitely worth checking out x

  2. I have never heard of this brand before, they do sound quite nice. I too keep my eye out for more eco friendly deodorants but haven't yet found any that work for me.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I was shocked to learn how long they've been around, and aren't more talked about x

  3. I reaaaalllly wanna try that deodorant! x

    1. Definitely recommend it. Have to let me know if you do x

  4. Ohh never heard of this brand, sounds fab. I’m trying to be as eco friendly as possible when it comes to beauty products so I definitely need to check these out.

    Katie x

  5. This looks great! Never heard of them before!

    1. Can't believe I hadn't until recently either x

  6. I've never heard of this brand before but I like the look of the products. Always on the lookout to try new skincare brands x x

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. So many amazing brands out there that don't get recognition x

  7. This is a new brand for me! I like the sound of them though, and the packaging is aesthetically pleasing which I'm shamefully admitting is something that always draws me to a product haha!

    1. I'm the same with packaging, if it's cute or aesthetically pleasing I'm more likely to buy it x

  8. this sounds right up my street - love the packaging!!

  9. Never heard of this brand before but their products look very good!