Gift guide - last minute ideas

No matter how organised I am or try to be, there is always a handful of gifts that for some reason I 
leave until the last minute to buy. Most of the time is spent panicking because I have no idea what to 
get and whether or not it'll arrive in time for Christmas. I made sure that the items I've featured in this 
blog post will be here in time for Christmas if you order the week this post goes live. 

A gift that I know a lot off people would love to receive, myself included, is stickers to keep yourself
organised. With planners and diaries becoming more popular and New Years resolutions amongst us,
CRGARTDESIGN stickers* are perfect for keeping yourself organised. I have used these for years
and love flipping through old planers to see what I was doing throughout the years. Stickers also
make doing chores and boring tasks that little bit more fun and exciting. If you interested in stickers
and keeping everything more visual but find yourself getting overwhelmed with a giant planner, these
also look great on a sticky notes set* for simple planning. 

With social media being bigger and bigger everyday, we all compare ourselves to people online more
than before. This I will not compare myself to a stranger on Instagram mug* is perfect for reminding
ourselves to be our own person and love who we are, all whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea!On the
theme of loving who you are, being yourself and feeling empowered. Taking notes in this woman 
power notebook* will help you feel all of those things. It's the perfect size notebook for popping in
your bag, using as a diary or jotting down inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.

Christmas cards are always the thing leave until the last minute. There are thousands to chose from,
yet they all tend to look the same. This year I discovered the Lucy and Lolly plantable Christmas 
cards*. I was initially attracted to them because I've never seen a product like this before. We need to
do everything we can to preserve nature for as long, and these give you the chance to have a plant
with a message. All of these cards are eco friendly, created with renewable sources and aim to reduce
single use plastic all whilst being handmade in the Britain. A perfect way to support smaller business'. 

Sleep is the most important time of the day and although it's getting darker earlier, it can still be very
difficult to get to sleep. My partner works nights, and has to sleep during the day, making it difficult
to get a decent sleep and rest with the day light. The Bedtime bliss eye mask* from Amazon, is
honestly the best thing iv'e ever bought. It blocks out any light, isn't heavy or uncomfortable on your
eyes and can be adjustable to be comfortable on your head. Liam hates sleeping with eye masks on as
he doesn't like things touching his face, however he loves using this and raves about it every time he
does. This is a perfect gift to give someone - the gift of a better nights sleep.

One of my favourite gifts that I have received is FRIENDS top trumps. I don't know whether I loved
them more because they were FRIENDS themed or because my childhood suddenly came rushing
back to me with top trumps. This is such a simple and fun game that can be played with as many
people as you wish, in whatever situation. It's an easy game that also brings back memories
depending upon the theme. Their are so many themes available, having something for everyone.

80% of people don't drink enough water during the day, whilst over 20% of people say that they don't
drink water for over a week. I recently got sent the Ulla smart hydration reminder*and have loved it.
I will definitely be recommending this to everyone I know. This is a smart reminder that works on all
water bottles and blinks every hour to give you a reminder to drink and stay hydrated. By using this
you are likely to drink 3 times more water than usual, becoming healthier, having more energy,
having better skin and reducing the overall amount of headaches you get.



  1. Chanel No5 is a classic isn't it, expensive but gorgeous.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I love it! Managed to get it a bit cheaper when I was abroad but, it's so worth the price x

  2. I looooove that mug so much it's amazing x

  3. Some of these picks are fab! I love love love the mug and its the perfect gift for any Instagrammer!
    Soph - x

  4. I have pretty much done all of my Christmas shopping, there's just a couple of bits left I need to get for my dad - he is soooo hard to buy for!x

    1. Me too! I hate shopping for men. I left my partners dad until last because he's so hard to buy for as well x