What I've been loving throughout October

This month feels like it's gone so slow. Probably because we've been celebrating Halloween for the
past 2 weeks even though it was yesterday. I'm so happy that it's finally November and we can forget
about Halloween and move on to the more festive Christmas season. This month I've been at my
fiancés (still can't used to saying that!) a lot more, so I've using products that I haven't before or
forgot about. Thankfully though this has led to me finding some new favourites.

When it comes to makeup, I'm very picky with what high end brands I purchase products from. I like
to make sure they're worth it and I'm going to get my use out of it. Tarte is a brand that I've been
interested in for a long time, so when my sister-in-law came from from America with a mini of the
Tarte Amazonian clay blush - paaarty I was so excited. This is a perfect light pink nude blush that
suits every look, every skin tone and any time of the year. I've loved using this on a daily basis for a
simple yet put together look that isn't too intense. 

I've been a big fan of Zoella body mists for a long time and have always looked forward to her next
realise to see what unique scent she comes up with. The cosmos collection was released at the end of
2018 and despite Zoe not proceeding with the brand, some of the products can still be found online
on selected sites. I've recently fell in love with the cosmos body mist. This is a truly unique scent and
unlike anything I've ever smelt before. It has a clean yet musky and uplifting scent, with classic notes
of winter favourites mixed alongside to create the perfect scent for this time of year.

There are so many books on my wish list that I can't wait to get my hands on, but then I always
wonder if they're going to be read or just sit on my bookshelf gathering dust. One that I wasn't sure if
I was going to use or not was the Mrs Hinch the activity journal. I debated getting it for so long, but
after seeing all of her videos and photos dedicated to it, I ordered it. In the 2 weeks that I've had this
there hasn't been a day when I haven't flipped open a page to complete. Whenever I'm feeling stressed
or overwhelmed I pick this up and find something to colour in or a list to make. This provides a sense
of relief for those anxious and busy moments in my life. 

I've recently started spending the majority of my time at my fiancés house and have realised the items
I can live with and without. When it comes to my makeup I made sure to bring only 1 of each product
so I nothing goes to waste. I recently picked up the Essence contouring duo palette to keep at Liams.
This is perfect and has become my new favourite. The contour shade has a slight grey undertone
which is perfect to create that natural shadow and definition to your face without looking muddy.

Something I'm obsessed with and can't ever imagine my life without is the Dr Paw Paw shea butter 
balm. I have original and loved it so much that I picked up a few of their other editions to stay
stocked up. The beauty of this balm it's super affordable, and can be used all over your body for
multiple purpose including; lips, cuticles, skin and even hair. The shea butter balm is enriched with
natural ingredients that have been found to have the healing qualities. I have added the rest of their
products to my wish list and can't wait to try even more from them out.



  1. I have the other Zoella perfume and its so handy for chucking in my bag! x

  2. I love tarte blushers, they last all day!

  3. The Tarte blushes are amazing, I had the shade exposed and finally hit pan on it this year. It was such an amazing shade and the quality was top notch.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. They last so long! Going to be checking out more from them x