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This is an AD with Personalised Xmas

Getting ready and prepared for Christmas is one of the best things about Christmas. Seeing all the 
ornaments, decorations, stockings and the tree all in one place is so magical. Most of my Christmas 
decor have been acquired over the last few years. My 'theme' is more modern, so I use colours such 
as white, silver and grey. Since I still live at home I have a small 3ft tree in my room decorated in 
bright white and silver decorations. Saying this I still like to pretend I live alone and can decorate as 
much or as little as I'd like. 

This year I discovered Personalised Xmas and can't believe it's taken me so long. Not only do they 
offer a wide variety of personalised gifts for the Christmas season, but they also have an amazing 
selection of Christmas stockings, sacks, baubles and more. I have so many items on my Wishlist and 
already can't wait to get my hands on more. The gifts are perfect for all genders and ages. I've already 
made a list of separate items that I want to purchase for myself!

My favourite item they have is by far their personalised baubles. They have something that suits 
everyone, ranging from; babies first christmas, marriage, pets, in memory of and even the option to 
add a photo. Since me and Liam welcomed a new puppy into our lives this year we chose the acrylic 
done bone decoration. This can be personalised for a loving memory when loosing a pet, however we 
chose to engrave it with Eddies name and birthday to signify him coming into our lives and this also 
being his first Christmas, and as it is acrylic it fits in perfect for my Christmas tree theme!

Since this is Eddies first Christmas, I've definitely gone way to over the top. Not just with treats and 
toys, but also Christmas presents and even his own personalised stocking. That will have full of gifts 
and treats ready and wrapped for him to open! I love how this is a classic red colour with the white 
bones. I searched for so long for the perfect stocking for Eddie and couldn't find one, so the second I 
saw this I knew it was meant to be. I've tried personalising Christmas stockings before so seeing how 
incredibly this is made and high quality it is, truly puts mine to shame!

This year I've got more into the modern side of Christmas. A sign of growing up but also that I've 
been watching Mrs Hinch's Instagram stories too often! After finding the perfect stocking for Eddie I 
went searching for matching stockings for me and Liam as a nice decor option, but also something 
that is going to be functional. I found the grey personalised embroidered knitted Christmas stockings
These are such a classic and simple design, but thats what I love. The knitted texture gives a more 
warm and cosy vibe, the grey is perfect for matching my Christmas theme and the personalisation 
adds that extra touch of something special for this time of year. I can't wait to put these in the living 
room and see them full on Christmas morning.  


This is an AD in partnership with Personalised Xmas. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. Replies
    1. They're the best. Shows that someone put so much more thought into a gift x

  2. The personalised stocking is so cute, I'm so excited to decorate this year now I've got a new house!

    Gemma Louise

    1. That's the best part about having your own home! x

  3. Those grey knitted stockings are amazinggggg I love them x