What I've been loving throughout July

How are we in the eighth month out of the year. I say it every month and every year as time goes on, 
but this year has felt the quickest. I'm so glad that July is over because hopefully that means that 
weather will cool down. It's been between 25°C-35 °C which is a lot hotter than us in England are 
used to. Me included. This month I took part in my first read-a-thon, celebrated mine and Liam's 3 
year anniversary and spent a few days in Amsterdam (post coming soon).

Every month I try to feature 5 favourites, not only to make it more interesting to read but because it
gives me a goal to achieve and try new things throughout the month. However this month was really
difficult for me to find 5 so I settled for 4 favourites, which was still really difficult to find.

Benefit porefessional primer
A few years ago this was the only primer that I would use. I found myself running out of this at the
same time I stopped wearing makeup, so I never got round to repurchasing it. Earlier this month Liam
bought me the mini travel size tuve and I've rekindled my love for it. I love the consistency and how
it acutally fills my pores rather than sitting on top. I mainly love the overall look this gives your skin,
by making it look completely flawless, and I always get compliments on how good my skin/makeup
looks after I've used this. I definelty won't be leaving it so long before I repurchase it again.

Collection lasting perfection weightless foundation
I own way too many foundations that I either forget what I have or forget what I love because they all
blend together. I don't wear makeup as much as I used to so when I pick up a foundation I tend to
love it a lot more than before. This month I found myself picking up the Collection lasting perfection
weightless foundation. This is perfect for summer because it's lightweight and looks effortlessly
flawless by adding the perfect amount of coverage, all whilst adding a slight dewy glow which is
perfect for this time of year when you want to look hydrated but not oily.

Imperial leather foam burst shower gel
For many months I've been using and slowly finishing my Soap and Glory clean on me shower gel.
They last for so long, that I don't have the chance to use old favourites. At the beginning of the month
I finally ran out, which meant that I could go back to using the foam burst shower gels. I've owned
the majority of the range and I recently managed to get my hands on 3 scents from Aldi that I can't
find anywhere else. The reason I love the foam burst shower gels so much is because they are super
hydrating and cleansing for the skin, all whist making my skin smell amazing!

Five feet apart
If you read my post at the beginning of the month then you will know that I took part in The Reading 
Rush. I didn't read 7 books like I wanted to but I did read 4 books, which I was still really happy with.
I didn't stick with my TBR list entirely and went a bit of plan. Nevertheless my favourite book that I
read in July was Five feet apart by Rachael Lipppincott. I read this because I had to watch the movie
for one of the challenges, but I'm so happy I did. This is about 2 young adults who have cystic
fibrosis who eventually form a relationship, yet they can't get within 6 feet of one another. I cried at
the book but I sobbed like a baby at the movie. So I do highly recommend reading this and watching
the film, but be cautious that it is very emotional as the story goes on.



  1. I also love the Benefit Primer! Excited to hear about your trip to Amsterdam!

    1. It's incredible! Thank you, I can't wait to write it x

  2. I need that melon foamburst in my life, I bet it smells amazing! Loved hearing about your favourites :)

    Kate | http://www.katelovesx.co.uk/

  3. Oooooh I wanna try that foundation!! x

  4. that foundation sounds great! And the primer.. hell I'll take it all!

  5. I really want to add porefessional to my routine, I've heard so many amazing things! x

    Gemma Louise

  6. The foundation sounds really good. I am so lazy with primers!

  7. Huge fan of the FoamBurst shower gels, I think they're fantastic. I always have one of them in my bathroom.

    Amy x
    The July Rose