Spring into summer lipstick picks

It's officially only 1 week until the start of summer, unless you live in the UK because who knows
what the weather will be like. Everyone's finished their spring cleaning and are getting ready to turn
on their bbq's and get out their summer hats. I'm not usually one for summer because I hate being
warm, however I've come to love the environment of summer. The smiles on peoples faces, the
constant smell of food and the bright colours bouncing of the flowers.

When it came to browsing my collection and looking for what lipsticks I wanted to share, I
realised I'd picked out nudes that were all the same and what would have been a boring post.
I started again and came out with 3 nudes and 2 bolds.

Since summer is full of festivals but they started in spring the Lottie London #holo duo chrome 
lip gloss (twist) is the perfect fun shade to transition you in between seasons. It's main shade is a
 rose toned pink, which makes this super wearable but the duo chrome pigments makes a fun
 flare for the festival season.

After hearing Jaclyn Hill talk about the Maybeline colour show shine compulsion lipstick 
(baddest beige) I searched high and low to get my own hands on it. This a nude pink lipstick
that could pass as a 'your lips but better' shade. I love this for this time of year because I often
opt for a more natural bronzed look, which pairs perfectly with this lipstick.

There are often days when I don't feel like wearing a lipstick, because I can often feel too
done up. On days like this is always gravitate towards the Autograph colour balm lip shine 
(nude). This is super hydrating and moisturising and feels like a lip balm on your lips whilst
adding some extra colour for the warmer months.

My perfect and go to liquid lipstick, as of lately, has been the Colourpop x Zoella ultra matte 
lip (@me). I always chose lipsticks that have a more pink undertone as they suit my skin and
makeup looks more, however they always end up wearing off. As this is an ultra matte lip it
lasts all day long on your lips without having to top up throughout the day.

The MAC matte lipstick (please me) has been my go to summer lipstick for years now. The
muted rose pink lipstick is the best shade for any look transitioning between the spring and
summer seasons. This is also the perfect lipstick for going from a day to night look.

Finding your perfect red lipstick can be very difficult but the MAC retro matte lipstick in 
the shade ruby woo is the perfect all round shade. I love how bright and bold this is for the
summer and is a true red. I love this paired with a dramatic eye but also a soft whisky eye.



  1. looooove Please Me from Mac such an easy shade to wear! x

  2. Replies
    1. Definetley! I think it's my favourite MAC lipstick x

  3. I have MAC Please Me and Ruby Woo and I love them both. Such gorgeous shades and wonderful formulas x

    Lauren | www.bylaurenmay.com

    1. Totally agree! I have quite a few MAC lipsticks and I still want more x

  4. I've never got my hands on please me from MAC but I've had it recommended to me so much!! x

    Gemma Louise

  5. I adore Ruby Woo but it is no good on my dry lips, it is such a shame.

    You have picked out some really lovely shades, I am quite into the new shades from L'Occitane at the moment.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I haven't tried anything from L'Occitane before, heard great things though x