Latest beauty purchases

This last month I've donated so much makeup and beauty products, that I either didn't like or 
don't use anymore. Despite this I did make a small purchase on Superdrug last week for some
 new products that have come out, that I wanted to share with you all as these are my favourite 
posts to read. Nothing like being nosey and seeing what other people buy. 

After seeing the Simply Pure hydrating serum be raved about and called a staple skincare item on 
This Morning I thought I should pick it up. I also picked up the Simply Pure hydrating night serum 
alongside so I could test them both out and see if they are as good as others recommend.

I picked up another Clean and Clear treatment gel and the B.comforted camomile facial spritz as I
love their other facial sprays and was curious as to whether I would like this one. I definitely do.

The items I'm most excited for is the new Revlon photo ready Candid collection. The collection
consists of candid antioxidant concealer, candid anti-pollution foundation and the candid anti-
pollution setting powder. Check out my full review of this collection here.

After browsing the Superdrug Instagram page I decide to pick up the T-Zone rose gold peel off 
different skin types and I can't wait to use them. Blog post coming soon.

I picked up another Rimmel insta fix and matte powder as there was an offer on and I also picked up 
the Loreal glow mist setting spray, because it had glow in the name and that's the way to get me to 
buy something. I'm definitely intrigued as to whether it will leave me skin glowy or glittery.

The main reason for this entire haul was the new and updated Rimmel lasting radiance collection. I 
decided to buy the entire collection which consisted of; lasting radiance foundationlasting radiance 
concealer and lasting radiance powder. I've only done swatches on these but make sure to check out 
my blog in a few weeks as their will be an in depth review on this whole collection. 


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