Affordable fragrances that are worth it

Fragrances are something that is unique and personal to each individual person. Multiple people can 
wear the same perfume, however each person will interpret the scent differently. My favourite thing 
about fragrances is how versatile and personal they are to everyone. Their are so many different 
scents and notes that can be combined to create an infant amount of perfumes. With all of this being 
said, their are so many affordable fragrances that people don't know about or purchase but are 
actually better than luxury perfumes. Fragrances is an area that I never splash out in and always 
go for the more affordable option, which is why I wanted to share my favourites with you all.

When I think of affordable fragrances the first that come to mind, despite not being an actual 
perfume, are the Zoella body mists. These are not your typical body mists as they are much have 
much stronger fragrance notes, that also lasts longer on the body. I love all of these, as each different 
body mist has such a unique scent, that could definitely be more expensive, however are only £8.

Out of all of my fragrances this is the one that I don't know where it came from. It kind of just 
appeared on my shelf. Sheer radiance by Autograph has notes of citrus, gardenia and pink pepper 
which gives this an overall floral scent. I would have never thought to look at M&S for fragrances, 
however they have such a wide variety of scents and prices that can suit everyone. This fragrance in 
particular is perfect for those who love more floral and fresh scents and also enjoy changing up scents 
depending on the season and time of year, as this is perfect for Spring and Summer.

For the longest time I have been using Milton Lloyd fragrances. They were sold in a store locally to 
me, and as they're only £5 they were perfect to pick up for holidays and travelling. Over the years 
I have carried on purchasing perfumes from them and have fell in love with many different fragrances 
that they offer. My favourites are Vogue and love you. Each scent is based of and compared to a more 
luxury fragrance, including the same base notes so you can get the same experience from these 
without breaking the bank. Every scent I have used, brings back a bunch of different memories 
which I have never experienced with another perfume or brand before.

In regards to lighter scents I am obsessed with the So...? fragrance body mists. In fact I love these so 
much I own every single scent of both their original and Summer escapes collection. Each fragrance 
is unlike anything I've ever found. They are all so light are airy which is perfect for wearing and 
layering on top of other fragrances, as well as those who enjoy less intense scents.

- Check out outlets 
- Pick up samples
- Always look for sales
- Have a browse in TK-MAXXX
- Look for offers in your local stores
- Fragrances can often be cheaper in supermarkets
- Read the fragrance notes and compare scents



  1. I love the idea of this post.
    Brands such as Next do some really nice ones, so do River Island.

    Amy x

    1. Totally agree! I love 'just pink' from Next x