The skin care routine that actually works

Since blogging I've done my fair share of skin care routines. But starting of this year I really wanted
to focus on my skin as it played a huge part in my confidence. I started getting microdermabrasion
treatments done in January, but also started to improve my skin care routine alongside so I wasn't
wasting my money by not putting it any effort at home. Since then my skin has improved massively
(blog post coming soon), which is why I wanted to share my routine and tips and tricks with you so
that if you are going through the same as me, or similar, this could help improve your skin too!

Step 1 - remove makeup
For a long time I was using an oil to remove my makeup, which worked perfectly but after seeing the
Face Halo in Boots and everyone love it on Instagram, I picked it up for myself. I was, and still am,
so shocked at simple but affective this is to use. All you need is water. Since using this my skin has
become a lot clearer and looks more fresh than ever before. Read my full review on this here.

Step 2 - toner 
Out of my entire skin care routine this is the item that has stayed the same for as long as I can
remember. The Lush tea tree toner has been my all time favourite toner for years. Not only is it
affordable and handmade, but it also truly clears the skin. It's super lightweight and doesn't feel sticky
on your face, like some toners I've tried. I use this to remove any excess makeup that didn't come of
with the Face Halo, but I also use it on no makeup days to remove any dirt and bacteria on my face.

Step 3 - hyaluronic acid 
This is my newest step in my skin care routine but the one that has made the biggest difference, and
the reason that I'm writing this post. In one of my Look Fantastic beauty boxes I got The Ordinary 
hyaluronic acid 2% +B5. At first I was super intimidated by this but gave it a go anyway and have
been amazed by the results. This has not only added in extra moisture to my skin but also makes my
skin feel super smooth and clean, as apposed to other acids and oils that clog the skin.

Step 4 - moisturise
I never really cared about what moisturiser I was using but I've been loving the Soap and Glory speed 
plump moisturiser and it's actually one of my favourite steps in my routine. I wouldn't say that this
plumps my skin, but it's adds the perfect amount hydration without being weighing my skin down,
which is perfect for me since I have more normal to dry skin.

Step 5 - facial spritz
I only ever used to use facial spritz's in the warmer months, to cool me down. I've started
incorporating the B.Hydrated hyaluronic acid spritz into my everyday skin care routine, as
my skin really seems to like hyaluronic acid but also the spritz is refreshing and calming. I can
definitely tell and feel a difference in my skin when I don't use this as apposed to when I do.

Step 6 - lip and spot treatment
For the longest time I never focused on my lips and just left them alone. After using the Zoella lip 
oil, and my lips becoming extremely sore and dry, I started using the Skin Chemists rose quartz lip 
plump. This is one of the most hydrating lip products I've ever tried and it stays feeling nourished on
the lips throughout the day, with the added bonus of plumping your lips too. I've recently started
gravitating towards the Dr Paw Paw original balm, which is a cult favourite amongst a lot of people.
This is a multi-use product, however I like to use on it on my lips to stop them getting dry like usual.
When it comes to spots I always use the Clean and Clear spot treatment gel, and have done for years.
I would like to try something new but why fix something if it's not broke! This targets the spots
within 4 hours and purifies the skin, whilst reducing the immediate appearance.

- Drink lots of water
- Exfoliate 1-2 times a week
- Use a face mask 1-2 times a week
- Try some at home remedies
- Remember, food affects your skin
- Moisturise every morning and night
- Always use an SPF lotion
- Change your pillowcases
- Try not to touch your face a lot
- Less is sometimes more

Have you found a skin care routine that works for you?


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