Motivation that you need on a Monday

From a young age we have the perception that Mondays are bad, drilled into our heads by the older 
generation. Mainly because those who work in schools, office jobs etc. don't work on the weekends 
and are dreading going back on Monday. Truth is, Monday's aren't actually that bad. You get to start 
of fresh; whether that be with work, going to the gym, productivity or cleaning. Every week we are 
greeted with this opportunity to start fresh and do something different with our week. 

Personally I don't mind Mondays. I used to hate them whilst I was in school, because I had going
 to school. Throughout my 3 years of college I never had to go in on a Monday. So it wasn't until 
I started working that I was faced with this 'monstrosity' of a day. Over a few weeks I realised that I 
quite liked Mondays. Loads of things needed to be done, so I was also busy and staying productive, 
so the day just flew by. Out of all the days in the week, I am usually most productive on a Monday. 
Especially after I've had a lazy weekend doing nothing!

Despite all of this, so many people still hate the thought and idea of Mondays. I wanted to help 
change this and spread some motivation amongst us all to get our weeks started the right way.
Remember to focus on yourself and that you are the only one who can reach that goal.

Happy Monday


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