LVL lash lift - step by step guide

I have been hooked on this treatment since I first had it done last year, and have wanted to share
 my experience with you all ever since. When I was in high school, I heard someone talking about 
a treatment like this but had no idea where to go to get it done. Turns out there are thousands of 
technicians around England and the UK who are qualified and trained to do this treatment.

This treatment takes around 45-60 minutes to do and lasts for 6-8 weeks and despite lying down 
doing nothing, the time goes by extremely quickly. In fact some people fall asleep during the 
treatment. The treatment itself looks quite unusual, however it's painless and just feels slightly 
uncomfortable at times because you having something done to such a delicate area. This is my 
second time having the treatment done and one that I will continue to be having. LVL stands for 
length, volume and lift and is ideal for those who want to maximise their lashes and give the 
appearance of wearing false lashes or extensions, without having to. 

Step 1 - Patch test and pre-prep
Before actually getting the treatment, you need to have a patch test to see whether your skin has an 
allergy or reaction to the products that are used. Since you eye area is so delicate, you have to be even 
more careful with the products that are used. A patch test is done 48 hours before the treatment, either 
in the salon or a kit to take home. 4 creams and 2 tints are applied to the inside of your arm. You will 
also be given a card on what to do 24 hours before your appointment and on the day. This includes; 
not having a spray tan and not wearing mascara or oily products on your lashes.

Step 2 - Preparation
At this point, you will be lay on a bed and the technician doing your lashes will ask you 
how curly you want your lash lift, determining what type of shield to use. They will also 
prep their tools, products and make sure you are comfortable.

Step 3 - Cleansing 
The first main step to your lash lift, is making sure they are all cleansed and stripped of any
 excess oils and bacteria that can be sat on your lashes, as well as making sure the technician 
has a smooth hand clean canvas to work with.

 Step 4 - Protecting/covering lower lashes
One of the most important steps is making sure that the lower lashes are covered and protected.
This is done so none of your lower lashes are curled along with the upper lashes. The pad doesn't
rub on your eyes or lashes and you actually forget that its there.

Step 5 - Curling shields
This step is the reason you are here. These comes in 3 different sizes; small, medium and large,
depending on how curly and intense you want your lashes to look. Since I wanted my lashes to look
the most curled, my technician used the small shield to achieve the most lift. The shields are applied
to your eyelid, at the base of your lashes (the same place you apply falsies) so the lift comes from the
root and gives the absolute maximum affect.

Step 6 - Bonding gel 
A thin layer of  bonding gel is applied to the curling shields for your lashes to stick to the them and
stay up. The technician will use a small metal tool to pull your lashes and stick them to the curling
shield. This sounds painful, but you can't feel a thing. Whilst this is happening the technician is also
combing through your lashes to make sure they are all individual and not over lapping, in order to get
that full fluttery look.

Step 7 - Lifting balm 
Since your lashes are now in place, this is the product that essentially does all the work for you. This 
breaks down the bonds in your lashes allowing for the natural shape to change and be fixed in this 
curled position. This balm is on your lashes for 10-15 minutes depending on the texture and thickness 
of your lashes.

Step 8 - Volumising fix
Once the lifting balm is removed a volumising fix is applied (which looks a bit like custard). 
Since the bonds in your lashes are now open, this closes them allowing your lashes to be fixed 
in place. This is on your lashes for about 5-7 minutes. 

Step 9 - Tinting
Once the curling process is finished, your lashes will be tinted to make them stand out more. I have 
naturally light blonde lashes, so this is the step that makes the biggest difference. I always go for a 
black tint, however if you want a more natural look you could opt for a black/brow tint instead. 
This is left on the lashes for around 3-6 minutes depending on how your lashes take to the tint.

Step 10 - Moisturising serum 
After the curling process and tint has been completed, a moisturising serum will be applied to add
 the nourishment and hydrating back into the lashes. This steps also breaks down the bonding gel 
that sticks your lashes to the curling shields, to gently free your lashes. The lower lash protecter 
will also be removed after the shield. 

Step 11 - Aftercare
The treatment is now complete and your lashes and looking more curled and beautiful than ever. At 
this point you will be given an aftercare advice card, including basic instructions to follow to make 
sure your lashes are best looked after. The main rules are to avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 
hours after the treatment and to avoid steam for 48 hours after the treatment. 

This treatment takes a total of 45 minutes - 1 hour, but is one that I would recommend. This isn't 
something I get all the time, but I do get this 2-3 times a year to make myself feel extra special and 
pampered. I had the pleasure of getting my lashes done by Lindsey who is based in Tamworth, 
Staffordshire, however you can see view who else is trained for Nouveau lashes here

This is such a simple treatment, but the treatment that makes the biggest difference.

This is not an AD and I did pay for this with my own money, however I was presented with a discount for the treatment.