5 tips for a better nights sleep

Ever since I was younger I've struggled with sleep. So much in fact, I didn't sleep through the night
until I was 10. Sorry mom. But getting slightly older, I've not only realised how good sleep is but also
how much it can affect you. If I don't have a good night sleep, I get moody and slightly angry without
even realising it. Over the last few years, I've developed some tips for getting a better nights sleep.
Since it is proven that the majority of us don't get the recommend hours of sleep, I wanted to share
those tips with you, so we can all get a better nights sleep. Because who doesn't want that!

Step 1 - Turn of gadgets 1 hour before
Throughout the day, we are all consumed by our phones, laptops, tablets and tvs. A lot of the time
we don't realise how much time we are spent surrounded by electronics. For a lot of us, this continues
into the night time too. Nothing else to do, might as well scroll though Instagram. The lights from
our gadgets makes us more alert and awake, making it hard to get a good nights sleep. Instead, 1
hour before going to bed, read a book, do some colouring or something without a gadget to unwind
and relax. You might not think it makes a difference but it truly does.

Step 2 - Don't drink any caffeine before bed
Drinking large amounts of caffeine before going to sleep, is going to give your more energy than
it is making your tired. Caffeine stays in our bodies for around 6-8 hours. So if you go go bed at 10,
you're last caffeine intake should be around 2-4pm. For those who still crave tea or coffee late at
night, switch to de-cafe. You're still getting the last but you'll get to sleep a lot quicker.

Step 3 - Have a comfortable environment 
The biggest key to sleep is comfort. You will not be able to get to sleep if you aren't comfortable and \
relaxed, which is why I can never fall asleep on airplanes. We spend a huge portion of our day in our
bed, so why would we not care how it feels. Start with your pillows and duvet. Then focus on the
material of your sheets, as they can be irritating. If you're still not comfortable, test out some new
mattresses. If you immediately feel better, then it's most likely that causing the problem. I know one
of my issues is my mattress, however I can't afford one at the moment, so instead I bought a memory
foam mattress topper to add extra comfort with the extra cost!

Step 4 - Block out light with a eye mask
I've always been someone who enjoys sleeping with exposed light, I still sleep with my blind 1/3 of
the way up so I can see outside. Lately I've found myself constantly opening my eyes and getting
distracted by other things, so I've started using the Bedtime Bliss luxury sleep mask. The main reason
I use this is to reduce temptation of opening my eyes, and being forced to keep them closed. I love
using this because it truly block out everything and feels comfortable and soft on your eyes.

*I was gifted this by Bedtime Bliss, however this post is not an AD*

Step 5 - Use a sleep/pillow spray
My biggest tip for those who struggle to get to sleep is to use a sleep spray. I use the Feather and 
Down pillow spray. The majority of sleep/pillow sprays will contain lavender, as that is proven to
reduce anxiety and bring a sense of calm and relaxation to the mind. It might seem like an
unnecessary product to buy and use (A Princess product), but once you do you'll never go back!

Sweet dreams!

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