Subculture - first impressions

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand I've only ever tried 1 product from before, and that didn't go well. 
I've always seen their products and palettes floating around the internet, especially on Instagram, 
however I've never got around to trying anything else out because I felt I could get better for a more 
affordable price. Despite all of the past controversy and hate towards this I picked it up anyway.

After strolling into TK-MAXXX I found the subculture palette sitting on a shelf waiting to be taken 
home with me! This was on sale for only £24.99, saving over £18. At first I wasn't at all impressed by 
the palette as the colours looked dull and boring, and was probably going to be another palette just 
sitting in the bottom of my drawer. However when I looked at each shade individually I realised that 
I would use this a lot more than some of my other palettes and that the shades looked amazing! 

This is a 14 shadow palette, with 11 mattes, 2 duo-chromes and 1 metallic. Each shade is highly 
pigmented and soft to swatch, with little fall out. My favourite shade out of them all is adorn, because 
of the duo-chrome finish and antique bronze shade. All shades can be worn together but also work 
perfectly alongside other shadows and palettes for a variety of different looks and styles.

Cube - duo-chrome pink
Dawn - matte peach sand
Destiny - matte khaki
Adorn - metallic bronze
All star - matte burgundy
Mercury - matte grey brown
Axis - matte deep blue
Roxy - matte coral
Electric - duo chrome lime
Fudge - matte warm brown
New wave - matte creamy orange
Untamed - matte tarnished green
Edge - matte mustard
Rowdy - matte deep plum

This palette isn't going to be for everyone however, if you are looking for a simple and 
versatile palette that can be used for any type of look then I highly suggest trying this out!

You can purchase this palette on the Anastasia website for £43.