What I've been loving in February

It seems like every week I'm writing a favourites post at the moment. That's not quite the case but
the time seems to be going by so fast. It's already March, which means it's nearly my birthday. Today
I booked my flights for when I go on holiday in May, and I've been thinking about how long I have
to wait for it, but no, it's only 2 months away. This month I've done a bit of makeup shopping, read 
here, so I've discovered some new items and fell in love with a bunch new products.

Loreal infallible more than concealer
If you are looking for a concealer that covers but also gives you that perfect highlighted underage, then this the concealer for you. I always go for the lightest shade in concealers and foundations, and they always match my skin. This is the shade porcelain, and it's too light for me. I was going to get another shade but then I realised who well it works to highlight my skin and add more dimension.

My local Boots have just released a small collection of ELF makeup and out of the very few products they do have, I picked up one of their new skin mists. Not going to lie I did only pick this up because it said dewy, and that's how I like to look. The even mist hits all of my face without feeling too harsh, it also leaves my makeup looking flawless. The only thing that I'm not a huge fan of is that it smells like coconut which I can't stand, however it works wonders which cancel out the smell for me.

Instagram is the best place to be for discovering new makeup, however the worst for my bank
balance. I saw that Holly Burns posted about her love for this highlighter her HBmakeupartist
page, and I loved it that much I drove (Liam drove actually!), to Primark the next day so I could
pick it up. That was about a month ago, and I've been wearing it everyday since. It adds a pop of
shimmer on the cheeks that I didn't know was possible from a product that cost only £2.50.

For the longest time I've been seeing influencers on my Instagram feed rave about how much
they love this makeup removed cloth and since it's recently launched in Boots I thought I'd give
it a go and see if it is really as good as others say. Well, they're a reason they rave about it. It's
incredible. My makeup comes of so easily and thoroughly by just using this one product. My skin
has also improved significantly since using this. I'm going to be picking up a few more soon, so I
have them everywhere. Read my full review here.

So...? rose petals body mist
It's very rare that I finish a perfume or body mist in particular, and want to repurchase it, especially since I won all of the So...? fragrance body mists. Every time I opened my wardrobe and saw these body mists I kept going to use rose petals, but realised I had ran out. A few weeks ago I picked it up again and have realised just how much I missed using it. It's floral and feminine yet light and airy.

What have you been loving this month?
Let me know in a comment down below.



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