More makeup I didn't need, but still bought

Being on Instagram a lot, and seeing all these beauty accounts and hughstreet shops post about
the new releases makes my inner makeup addict go crazy! After a weekend away and a bunch of
new products launching, I wanted to share with you all the makeup and beauty items I've bought
that I didn't need but bought anyway! I like to think that this is a treat for me because I don't buy
much makeup anymore, so that's how I'm justifying my purchases.

ELF dewy coconut setting mist
TLM colour changing foundation 
MUA pro base primer oil with gold flakes
Batiste dry shampoo - tempt

The majority of this was picked up when I went to Norfolk for the weekend, but I also picked up a
few just randomly! I never actually realise until I share everything truly how much I have bought! If
you would like a more specific review of any of these products then let me know in a comment below.


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