Thoughts every blogger has

As someone who's been blogging for nearly 5 years, but has been surrounded by everything beauty 
related for nearly 10 years, I tend to have a lot of thoughts going through my head on a daily basis. 
Not only does being a blogger create a bunch of weird makeup thoughts, but so does the Instagram
society, new launches and other influencers around. Hopefully I'm not alone with these thoughts!

New beauty launch? I'll buy it to do a review on it, but will I use it?

Another eyeshadow palette. Really? Add to my basket

Will anyone actually read this post when it's gone live?

Do I really need the new Jeffree Star blue collection?

Stop stressing about your Instagram theme. (Doesn't upload for a week, until the perfect 
photo, with the right colour scheme has been taken)

I'm just not going to tell my boyfriend that I ordered more makeup, so he won't know

Shall I do a full glam makeup look with a red lip just to go to the shop? 

Does commenting on people's photos on Instagram really make a difference

Another Makeup Revolution launch. Of course I need it

I don't have any money, but I'm going to order £75 worth of makeup from Boots

Do you relate to any of these?
Let me know in a comment below