Absolute must-haves for Spring 2019

Yet another season has passed and we are now in Spring. I'm hoping that the UK actually gets a 
decent Spring this year with warmer weather than usual, however that probably won't happen. I'm 
quite looking forward to Spring because I can't wait for the flowers to bloom, colours to come out and 
the baby animals to start being born. As soon as Spring comes around I know everything gets better.

When it comes to eyeshadows, I always think of a soft rosy toned pink that can transition from 
Winter berry tones into bright Summer tones. The Urban Decay naked cherry palette is perfect for 
that. The mixture of berries, roses and burgundies mix pair together perfectly for a soft or 
smouldering eye look. This will definitely be the eyeshadow palette I'm reaching for this Spring.

When I think of Spring, the first thing that comes to mind is fruit. It can be eating it, smelling it or in 
this case using a blush inspired by it. This blush has been out for a while now but is a staple in my 
makeup bag for Spring time. It's super soft and light on the skin but adds some extra warmth to the 
cheeks. The best part of this is that it smells exactly like peaches, to add to the whole spring vibe.

In my latest Look Fantastic beauty box, was the EOS coconut milk lip balm. I've tried out there lip 
balms before, but loved that this was super smooth and soft on the lips. No matter what time of year it 
is I always keep a lip balm on me, however this particular lip balm just screamed Spring time at me.

During the Spring, the weather starts to pick up slightly (only slightly if you live in the UK), and
 I like to put some extra care in my skincare to make sure that I'm staying refreshed and hydrated. 
I really enjoy using facial spritz's as they are super hydrating but also sink into the skin easily. This 
particular spritz is targeted to hydrate the skin for 12 hours without clogging the pores, and can be 
used over the top of makeup whilst still having acting as a skin care item.

Perfume is something I never would have changed seasonally a few years ago, but is now something 
I couldn't imagine not doing. This particular perfume is inspired by the love story of Romeo and 
Juliet and is described to have notes of pink guava, angelic flower and mandarin that mix together 
to create a young soft floral scent that is perfect for wearing during the day in the Spring.

Happy Spring!