Blue face primer? Does it work?

In all of the years of me applying, loving and buying makeup I never thought I would see the day 
I would be putting and wearing a blue product on my skin if it wasn't eyeshadow. I've always been
 a fan of colour correcting, since I have a lot of red acne scars and dark circles, but using blue is 
something I've never seen before. Makeup really is like using all the colour of the rainbow.

When I first saw this Loreal primer, I thought it was a highlighter and was very confused but after I 
picked it up and realised that it was in fact a highlighter, I was still just as confused.

The Loreal infallible prepping essence is not only Loreal's newest and latest primers, but also one of
the latest on the market. This is enriched with hyaluronic acid that aims to hydrate the skin for 24
hours. The blue essence targets all day radiance and instantly brightens and revitalise the skin whilst
feeling refreshed. It's also super smooth on the skin, meaning your makeup goes on flawless.

I tried this out for the first time last week and was pleased at how easily and smoothly it went on 
my skin, whilst leaving my makeup looking flawless. However when I applied it to my nose, my
makeup did wear off throughout the day. At first I wasn't sure if it was because of the primer or
another product. So I tried the primer on another day and it did the same. I do still enjoy this 
primer and will continue to use it, however I will not be using it on my nose.

If you have normal or dry skin then I would recommend this to you, however if you have oily 
skin then I would recommend staying away from this primer due to how nourishing it is and that 
it could disrupt your makeup throughout the day. You can purchase it here for £9.99.


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