What Instagrammer's don't want you to know

Being someone who uses social media everyday and sees the society that we live in, it's very 
interesting for Instagrammer's and influencers to be seen and classified as fake. I'm quite lucky, 
in a sense, as I haven't been a victim or target of this. However I've seen it happen to a lot of people 
around me and those that I follow. What the outside people don't seem to realise is that there are no 
rules to social media and how you present yourself. If you want to put the most perfect photo from 
a selection of 72 then you can. If you want to edit that photo until your entire face is smoothed out 
then you can. There is no rulebook to follow. 

No matter whether you're a blogger, instagrammer, youtube etc. you can still be branded as fake since 
you only show the good side of yourself. Nobody wants to show themselves on their worst day, when 
we haven't brushed our hair and are wearing the same pjs we slept in, eating an entire bag of Doritos 
crying into them because you dropped your pencil on the floor and that was the last straw amongst 
other things. That's just not fun for anybody. Yes it is real but we all want that picture perfect life. 

A lot of people who don't do this for a living or are exposed to this on a regular basis, tend to forget 
that this is our job and what we want and love to do. However that doesn't mean we expose ourselves 
to this kind of bullying. I'm obviously not waking up in the morning with my hair and makeup done. I 
don't sit around with a constant smile on my face surrounded my makeup, stickers and food. 

I wanted to do this post mainly because it's been on my mind for a long time now, and especially after 
seeing the hate and criticism that Scarlett London got I thought it was about time I said something. 

As 'influencers' (I'm not a fan of that word, at all) we want to present ourselves in the best way 
possible. With the perfect hair and makeup posing in front of a pink door in London to show you 
are outfit. We want to show you everything we bought and share intimate details of our lives. We do 
this because it's not only our jobs and something we love but because we enjoy connecting with the 
followers and people who are interested in our content. Instagram is a huge platform to get creative 
with and express yourselves in whatever way you want. 

Instagrammers and influencers can go from being the dream, perfect and everything people could 
want, to being fake and lairs the next. There is a huge different between a photo being planned and 
setup to being fake. To me being fake is when you photoshop yourself in another country when 
you've never actually been there, and decide to post it to your feed as if it's a holiday (yes that has 
happened).  So no matter what you do, you can't and never will be able to please everyone. 

Since Instagram, and social media for that fact, has no rules or book that you should follow along
 you can post anything you want from food to makeup to a selfie with your cat. You can upload 
that straight away with no editing or filters or you can spend days editing it and plan when it's 
going to be uploaded so you feed flows together and looks perfect. Be what you want to be as 
long as it makes you happy. 


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