Highlights from October

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After browsing many blogs for inspiration I found myself reading The Anna Edit, and stumbled
across her five highlights from the month of September post and wanted to share my highlights from
October with you all. October has felt like a super slow month, yet it's been relatively interesting. I
love reading posts like this to see an insight into peoples lives and what they are really like!

The first event of the month was a friends sons 1st birthday and meal. A 1st birthday is always 
super memorable and something that you will never forget. It was so nice to be invited to go out 
for a meal to celebrate with them and be with him on such a big milestone. Me and Liam bought 
him a personalised dressing gown from My 1st Years. The present went down really well and a 
luxurious present to wear and look back at.

A mild highlight but I finally got round to starting my savings account and putting money
aside to work towards a future, not just for me but for me and Liam too. Something that I 
should have done a long time ago but one I'm glad I finally got around to doing.

By far the biggest highlight of the month was applying for a job, getting an interview, being offered
the job straight away and starting the same week. If you know me then you will know that I used
work in retail but quit due to my anxiety getting the better of me. After 3 years in college I'm now
proud to say that I'm finally utilising my qualifications. This is my first 'proper job' which some might
find ridiculous and shocking since I'm 19, however I'm proud of myself and can't wait to see what the
future holds and how I'm going to progress further. 

I attended a coffee morning in my local area for Huntington's disease where we raised over £300 
for charity. That same morning me and Liam were lucky enough to win a 2 night stay in a hotel 
from the raffle, which gives us a nice break from reality and someone to look forward to going.

Something I really enjoyed doing this month was making a Halloween treat bucket for Liam I 
love doing random acts of kindness and surprises for him to treat him but also show him how much
 I love him. I've seen loads of treat buckets on Pinterest and was happy to finally do one myself.

I had a trip to Birmingham and to Resorts World. Got my monthly Look Fantastic and Betty Box. 
I had my nails and eyebrows done. Went to a pumpkin patch. Started my Christmas shopping
properly. Went to local garden centres to see their Christmas displays. Had my first panic attack 
in months. Got ill and threw up. Had a pumpkin carving contest with Liam. Got a few too many
hot chocolates. All whilst being and battling the freezing cold weather this month. 

What are your October highlights?
Let me know in a comment down below.


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