Living with anxiety in 2018

My anxiety is something that has constantly controlled me and my life. I've lost count of the amount 
of panic attacks, anxiety attacks, days and weeks in bed riddled with fear and countless more affects 
of my anxiety. I've been very open about my past, present and general struggles with anxiety and 
done several blog posts surrounding the topic. However this is 2018 and society is constantly 
changing and adapting around us; both positively and negatively in connection to mental health. 

As the years go on and we get closer and closer to 2019, we become more aware of the daily 
struggles that we all face. Everyone is aware that nobody is perfect yet we are constantly surrounded 
and pressured to the idea of looking, dressing, talking and acting a certain way. In a society like there 
is no reason mine and peoples mental health is at steak and common statistics are rising as we talk. 

This month especially my mental health has been the worse it's been in a long time, due to events 
that people do without realising. The main affect was me getting a job. I've never really had a new 
job before (retail for 3 months) and I've jumped head first. My sleep pattern and daily routine have 
been changed as well as my basic weekend life. In fact my anxiety has risen so much that I had 
my first panic attack in months, whilst at work and got sent home. 

In 2018 there is more help, support, advice and resources out there than ever yet when we admit 
we need help, we are scrutinised for not being able to do and battle through it on our own. I've 
recently been looking into therapy/counselling session again because I want the ability to talk to 
a professional about what I'm going through and find out what help were is for me out there, since 
I'm no longer on medication for any of my mental health. 

For 2019 I want to make sure I put myself and my mental health first, and truly seek support for 
what and how I'm feeling. I want to get into a steady routine and aware of my new surroundings. 
I want to be able to get used to change and how my life and future is forever evolving around me. 
2019 is going to be the year where I focus on me and put my mental health first. 


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