10 blog photo props

Being a blogger isn't all cupcakes and parcels. I often find myself lacking inspiration not only for 
posts but also for photos. After writing a bunch of posts I still find myself stressing about how my 
photos are going to look. I found myself browsing the web and looking for inspiration from other 
bloggers to see how they dress their photos and what they use for props. Going around my room I 
found a bunch of props and decorative accessories to use in my pictures. These are quite generic
and stereotypical for 'bloggers' however, props can be anything you find and enjoying using!

Floor samples - This might be an obvious one for some but one that I never thought of myself. 
Since I live at home I don't get to have the dream flooring and house that I want, meaning that 
floor samples are the way to go for me. I just picked up 1 of each for £2 in B&Q, however I'm 
going to go back and pick up some more to get a wider amount of space. You'll quickly find 
yourself with a bunch of different layouts and options for better photos! 

Trinket dishes - When in doubt add a trinket dish. There are so many different ways to use 
trinket dishes. You can put them on top of things, next to things, in them or just leave them 
empty, as a basic prop. If you can't find a trinket dish, you can also use a teabag holder as they 
work the same but are smaller and a lot cheaper. This one is from Asda and was only £2.

Notebooks - I love using notebooks as props because they have super cute designs and colours, 
that you can swap out and change due to what you want to photo to be based around. If you
 are lacking inspiration for photos, add a notebook to the background to give it layers and 
dimension as well as changing it up from a basic solid colour.

Makeup - One of my favourite props to use in photos in makeup. Eyeshadow palettes and 
lipsticks are the best to use because they add the most colour and are simple yet look effective
when photographed. Even when I use makeup I still like to make sure that the main point of the 
photo is in focus and isn't being overshadowed by the rest of the photo.

Stationery - I mentioned using notebooks earlier, but I also love to include other stationery 
in my photos and backgrounds. Paperclips, washi tape and bulldog clips are my favourite to 
usebecause they work as props but are super small and work great in the background and as 
layering points in the photo.

Fairy lights - Probably the most obvious prop but one that every blogger loves. Fairy lights 
are a bloggers favourite as they add light, definition and dimension to a photo without being 
too overwhelming or expensive. You can get these in different; lengths, shapes, sizes, colours 
and bulb warmth for as cheap as £1. Most of the time I don't even have the fairy lights on and 
just use them as a basic prop in the background. 

Flowers - This is probably the most obvious prop that bloggers use but one that we all love. 
I don't have real flowers, so I use fake flowers and greenery from IKEA to give life to a photo, 
as well as colour. There's something about having flowers, plants and greenery that makes any 
photo look more professional. You can use these in a vase, lay down, blurred in the background, 
lay over another prop and many more ways to achieve a professional looking photo. 

Peg board - Everyone loves a good peg board or light box in the background of a picture. I think 
the reason these have become so popular is because you can change what they say and make them appropriate to the photo, or you can write a realistic quote to show a more personal side of yourself 
to your followers. Mine currently says; 'She thought she could, but she was too tired so she didn't'.

Accessories/jewellery - Any form of jewellery (rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches etc.) 
work great as props because they add character to a photo, without being too dramatic. I also 
like to use other accessories that I have such as scarves and sleeping masks.

Craft supplies - Paper, pens, wrapping paper and stickers are a simple and affordable way 
to jazz up a photo. I recently got some blogger mail and kept the small plastic bag that they 
came in because I loved the pink polka dot print.


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