Drugstore jelly highlighter

There's something so pleasing about a jelly highlighter. I think it's because we don't understand how something with such pigment can't be in the form of a pressed powder. I've wanted the Fars├íli jelly beam since I saw Nikkietutorials use it in one of her videos. The reason I haven't picked it up is not 
only because of the price but also because of the liquid like texture, which I find hard to use. 

When I went into store and saw that MUA had a pressed jelly highlight I was definitely intrigued. 
I didn't originally pick it up when I first saw it, but since then I haven't stopped thinking about 
it, so I thought I'd finally one of them up and try it out for myself. 

There are currently 3 shades; optical, crystal cut and light spark. I picked up the shade light spark as 
it has the most wearable shades that suit my complexion. Each highlight contains 3 individual shades, all with the same texture. The light spark highlight includes a white, gold and light bronze shades. 

 I wouldn't describe this as a jelly highlight but instead being more like a putty. When you press them they feel like a putty, they swatch like a cream but apply like a powder, so they are very interesting to use and unlike anything I've tried or seen before. I've been a huge fan of MUA highlighters for a long time now and own all of the shades from their undress your skin range, so when I saw these I was definitely curious.

Each shade swatches perfectly and applies evenly to the skin and have a more natural sheen rather than intense pigment to them. Not only do these look beautiful in the packaging but also when applied to the face and body. I like to use this on my cheeks, t-zone (slightly) and on my chest and arms for that natural holiday glow. Due to the texture of these I find they apply best with your
fingers, because of the warmth, but also with a damp beauty blender for a more sheer natural look. 

These can be found in and at Superdrug.com and muastore.co.uk for only £5.