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Blogger/PR mail is something that is still a taboo subject, but it's part of the job. Some people 
get a company car as part of their job, others get sent free products. I was recently sent some treats, including cookies and cakes,  from Skinny Bakery, which is a company who specialise is low fat, 
low sugar and less calories in their baked goods. At first I wasn't sure if these would taste good as they are considered a healthier option, but I was shocked at how good they were considering. 

The main thing I love about this company is that they are suitable for a variety of different people, including people with diary or gluten intolerances as well as being diabetic friendly. My boyfriend has type 1 diabetes and has to inject insulin for the amount of carbs in food. With these the maximum he has to inject is 4 units for the entire portion, which is really good compared to other cakes, cookies and baked treats. These are also good if you are on a diet, but still crave 'junk' and 'bad' food. 

"Pack of 5 chocolate sponges piped with our signature tofu-chocolate frosting. Low fat 
and a good source of protein – only 42 calories each"

I had my mom and boyfriend try this out along with me and this was all of our favourites. This 
has a creamy formula and you can tell that it was a freshly made cake as it was still moist (I hate 
that word, but it describes this cake perfectly). This tastes the exact same as a regular chocolate
 cake, despite having less sugar and being a healthier option for you. 

"Pack of 5 beetroot sponges piped with a quark based low fat cream cheese 
frosting – only 34 calories each"

When I saw these I immediately thought of red velvet cake, which these are, but when I saw that
they were called beetroot pearls I was shocked. I was then informed that they used to use beetroot
as a substitute for sugar, during the war. I did enjoy these as they have a unique flavour, but I wouldn't
repurchase them again as I found them to still have a slight beetroot taste to them (I'm a fussy eater).

"Pack of 5 peanut butter sponges piped with our signature tofu-peanut butter and 
high-fruit strawberry jam dual frosting – only 39 calories each"

I'm not a fan of anything peanut butter or nut flavoured, so I didn't like these. However my mom 
and boyfriend tried these and said they had the same even ratio and creamy texture to the cake itself. 
The scent of the peanut butter is more overpowering, but the flavours are evened throughout. 

"Pack of 5 carrot cake sponges piped with a quark based low fat cream cheese 
frosting – only 39 calories each"

I've never been a fan of carrot cake, but I was shocked to find myself semi-liking these. My 
mom is a big fan of carrot cake and has actually finished eating these off herself. This is a soft
 and moist cake with a creamy centre, being perfect for a bite sized treat. 

"Pack of 3 soft mini gingerbread biscuits – only 36 calories each"

Out off all the items I received the gingerbread men were my favourite. They taste like true gingerbread but aren't overwhelming for someone who isn't fond of ginger. My favourite thing 
about these are that they are soft when you bite into them, and fall apart in your mouth rather 
than being hard and close to breaking your teeth on them.

"Pack of 5 soft dairy-free chocolate chip and orange biscuits – only 36 calories each"

The only chocolate orange flavoured food I like is Terry's chocolate orange at Christmas. But I can now add another item to that list. These are a soft biscuit, like the gingerbread men and have the perfect ratio of chocolate to orange without either of them being too overpowering. 


This post contains gifted items. See disclaimer page for more information.

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