Makeup brush must haves

I've always been someone who struggles to do their makeup using my hands. I have always been someone who uses makeup brushes, even when I was younger and did my makeup using my mom's makeup bag when she was going on a night out. Over the years, I've found brushes that do and don't work for me. As it's taken me quite a few years to find brushes that work for me, I want to share my makeup brush must haves with you in order to cut out the stress of searching for the perfect brush!

Contouring isn't as hyped as it used to be, but it's definitely a necessity in my makeup routine. 
To carve out those cheek bones I use the contour brush from Real Techniques flawless base brush
 set. A lot of people use a flat tampered brush like the Nars ita kabuki brush, but I like to use a 
fluffier brush so my contour is less harsh and more blended in order get a more natural look.

A highlighter brush for me is essential. A lot of people use a fan brush, but I like to use the 
Real Techniques setting brush as it holds a lot of product and adds an intense amount of highlight 
to the cheeks, rather than a fan brush which only adds a small natural amount. Highlighters are 
the makeup item that pulls your look together and finishes it off. Whether you use a cream or 
powder highlighter, a brush to apply it is 100% essential. 

Harsh slug brows are out and natural defined brows are in. We can all get a bit heavy handed with 
the brow products, which is why a spoolie brush is needed. I use this before, during and after I've done my brows to get the brows I desire. I have a spoolie from Real Techniques but I enjoy and prefer using disposable ones that I got from Amazon as they are less harsh and softer on the brows. 

I love a good cut crease or sparkly lid but sometimes using your finger to pack on shadow isn't
enough. A brush is sometimes required to achieve that shimmery and intense look. I use number 
8 and 9 from the BH Cosmetics rose romance brush set, that is actually designed to be used for concealer. The density of the brush allows for shadow to be picked up and packed evenly onto 
the lid, without any fall out. 

The key to any eyeshadow look, no matter what, is blend. As Jaclyn Hill says 'blend until your hand falls off'. I picked my blending brush up from IMATS a few years ago and can't remember the brand, however I have found one that is practically identical from Morphe - R37. The key with blending is to use different brushes, of the same style. To get your desirable look you don't want colours to be mixed together, you want them to be blended together - so swap out your blending brushes.  

A brush that I don't think I could live without is the brow highlighting brush from the Real Techniques brow set. This is a small tapered brush that allows you to highlight under you brow, in the inner corner and any places on your face that you want a more defined highlight. I use this under my brows, inner corner, tip of my nose, chin and cupids bow for an intense pop of highlight. 


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