Favourite Loreal products

Loreal has very quickly become one of my favourite highstreet makeup brands. They are constantly releasing new products that are more incredible than you could ever imagine. This year they 
have released many different products and have more in the works. I never realised how much I
 loved Loreal until I saw my collection and came to write this blog post. 

I've done a lot of favourite posts whether that be monthly or based upon a specific brand, however finding my favourite Loreal products was very hard to do, since I love everything. 

I originally started of with the luminising primer, then tried the pore filling and eventually tried 
he anti fatigue primer. Usually I like 1 or 2 primers from a brand, but since each primer targets different aspects it's so easy to find a primer that suits you. There is 5 in the range and the only 
one that I won't be trying is the matifying primer. I love to mix together the luminising and anti fatigue primer to create a glowy and refreshed base to my makeup. 

After picking this up on a whim, I never expected to love this as much as I do. The colour, coverage and finish is perfect as well as being easy to apply and blend together. I love to wear this on it's own or mixed together with the Revolution fast base foundation stick for a super intense look. 

I picked this up after seeing the campaign for the #wokeuplikethis and Lydia Elise Millen rave about this blush. Not only does this blush add a warmth to the cheeks but it also smells exactly like peach. I love using this blush as it adds the perfect amount of colour without being too intense.

This is the perfect bronzer for me. Being as fair and pale as I am, it's quite hard to find a bronzer 
that isn't too dark, or too warm, or too muddy looking. I didn't know what to expect with this bronzer but it's the perfect shade for me. Not only can I use this as a bronzer to warm up my face, but I can also use this to give a more natural contour to my cheeks.

This is not only one of my favourite Loreal products but one of my favourite highlighters at the moment. There are 2 palettes that comes with 4 shades in each, including warm and cool toned shades. I love using these over the top of other highlighters in order to make it pop more and look more intense. My favourite place to use this is on my cheeks, t-zone and brow bone. 

Finding a brow pencil that suits my skin tone and hair colour can be quite difficult, especially since I am blonde. I love using the brow artist xpert to add shape and definition to my brows and frame my face. Brows are the defining part of the face and completes your makeup look. 

I love having long and defined lashes and to achieve that I use a mascara primer. This helps to coat each individual eye lash and present a base for the mascara. My best trick in order to get full and long eyelashes without having to wear falsies. 

When I heard that Balmain and Loreal I immediately knew that I had to purchase at least 1 lipstick. I have a few lipsticks from the collaboration, but my favourite is in the shade; confession. It is a perfect pink toned nude, that suits all skin tones and also works as a day to night lipstick shade. 


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