Lydia Elise Millen X Cult Beauty

"It has been near impossible keeping my collaboration with Cult Beauty quiet all these months but I am so incredibly proud to bring you my 'Glow Box', featuring so many products I use every single day to keep my skin radiant, hydrated and glowing all year round." - Lydia Elise Miller (Blogger).

After being a big fan of Lydia's for a while now, I became obsessed when she announced her collaboration with Cult Beauty. At first I thought the box would contain 4-5 travel size products for around £40, but was shocked to find out that it had 6 full size products totalling £292.50 for only £155. I am fully aware that £155 is a lot of money but you are trying out 6 new products that are full size and will last a long time, for £137.50 less than buying the products individually. 

I was not sent this by Lydia or Cult Beauty or any form of PR company. I was very very lucky
and received this from my boyfriend as he wanted to treat me. I did not ask or expect to receive such
a luxury box, with no occasion coming up. I am very thankful to have such a lovely and thoughtful boyfriend who wanted to purchase this for me, not only to try out myself but also share with you.

£49 (150ml)

"The cleanser I reach for time and time again, this foaming formula is perfect when my face 
feel aggravated or is being particularly temperamental. It helps to eliminate every last tract of 
residual grime without 'stripping' or leaving my skin feeling tight."

This is ideal for all skin types and aims to clear congestion, combat dryness and soothe
any sensitivity. This has your skin's best interest at heart, by drawing out any impurities 
without stripping your skin of it's natural oils and goodness.

£61 (30ml)

"My number one, my 'Holy Grail' and the one product I've used non-stop for the last three 
years because, quite honestly, nothing else compares. BY TERRY'S 'CC Serum' gives your complexion the ultimate, soft-focus glow every. single. day."

This is targeted to people with dull and dehydrated skin, that are in need of an instant
radiant boost. This can be used under makeup or worn on it's own for a natural glow. 

£33.50 (100ml)

"The product I look forward to applying every other night, my family are similarly hooked - from
 my sisters-in-law to my step-mum - our group chats are full of discussions about why we LOVE 
this elixir. I instantly noticed the impact of Liquid Gold on my skin - it looked visibly smoother 
and had a super-natural glow unlike any I'd seen before."

This is an overnight acid that exfoliates the skin beneath. Targeting deep pores, dullness
and un-even skin. This is recommended to be used once a week for 2-3 weeks and slowly
introduce and build it up to be used 2-3 times a week

£74 (30ml)

"Like an alarm clock for my skin, this gorgeous moisturiser gives my cells a 'kick' to get them going and has adding blurring properties to dispel signs of dullness and ensue my skin look even-toned and luminous (in spite of too-late nights). The fact that it's good-looking doesn't hurt either..."

This is infused with diamond dust to blur out imperfections and fine lines, to make you look
more youthful. This helps to maintain your skins natural moisture levels and add dewyness.

£45 (15ml)

"Powerful yet gentle, Sunday's Riley's 'Luna' is jam-packed with retinol alongside soothing tansy extracts to revitalise while minimising the risk of irritation. All of the pros (with none of the cons), I use when I want to wake up to smooth, luminous skin (a.k.a all the time)."

Described as a phenomenal potent that reduces the look of ageing overnight. This reduces
the look of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst correcting sun damage. The blue oil hydrates and
 nourishes your skin whilst enhancing your skin's natural elasticity. 

£30 (120ml)

"This post-cleansing toner is great for replenishing much-needed moisture and balancing 
my combination complexion. Gentle and refreshing, it leaves my face feeling incredibly 
dewy, while prepping my skin for the daily onslaught."

This is an alcohol free toner that acts as a pre-serum treatment for dry skin. This repairs
the looks of ageing whilst stabilising the skins natural pH balance. 


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