My favourite thing about Christmas - Blogmas day 18

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If you have read all my Blogmas posts and are all up to date, then you might have noticed I have 
a lot of favourite things about Christmas. Whether it's the atmosphere, lights, food or gift giving, Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year. There is something about this time of year that makes everyone feel more upbeat and overall more positivity is thrown into the air. 

Every year I get more and more excited for the Christmas season and the joy that comes with 
gift giving. The food that you can buy at the German market and the music you blast at 
7 O'Clock in the morning, when nobody can say anything. 

Obviously Christmas is better when you are younger or if you have children in the family, 
because you believe in the magic that takes place. As you get older Christmas becomes about 
spending time with loved ones and appreciating what life has to offer.

My favourite thing about Christmas is inspired by a quote from a 7 year old boy called Bobby;
"Love is what is in the air at Christmas, if you stop opening presents and listen". 

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Let me know in a comment down below.


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