Lush at Christmas - Blogmas day 17

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There's something magical about walking into a Lush store at Christmas. The sweet scents, the cosy vibes, the overall atmosphere and lets not forget the incredible designs. Lush is known for their year round unique scents and extravagant designs. At Christmas they really step it up. Each year they release their bestselling and classic products, as well as new creative items that everyone needs to get their hands on in order to try out and test for themselves.

I've been a big fan of Lush for a few years now. Being the bath lover that I am, Lush have products that suit everyones needs and desires to have to ultimate pamper night. Their bath bombs and bubble bars are my favourite, followed by their handy gift sets. 

At Christmas Lush's best selling scent is snow fairy. This has notes of bubble gum and smells like (as Lush describes) candy floss clouds. Despite not being a very winter or Christmas scent, it is their bestselling and most loved scent due to it's originality and sweetness. 

The main reason that Lush is so popular is because not only do they have thousands of different products to try that suit everyone for an affordable price, but they are also an organic 100% vegetarian brand that it's main focus is fighting animal testing.

This is not my photo

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