Christmas traditions - Blogmas day 21

Christmas is a time for traditions, whether they have been passed down through generations or suddenly have appeared. There are so many different types of families that have their own 
traditions, and I love hearing about what different people do during the holidays, so for day 21 
of Blogmas I want to share some traditions that I do at Christmas time.

The first tradition that comes to mind is me, mom and my nan going round in the car looking at 
all the different Christmas lights. We have spent hours out at night looking at peoples lights. I 
can't remember when this first started but it's definitely been longer than 8 years!

I don't know if others would class this as a tradition but I do. We all open 1 present on Christmas
 Eve. It mainly started when I was younger and super excited for Christmas and couldn't wait
 to open my presents. Now we open 1 just to get ready and carry on the tradition. 

Every Christmas morning we wake up, go downstairs, have a drink (coffee) then we open 
presents in our pyjamas in our own present opening space. We then follow it up with breakfast
 which is usually English muffins or Christmas style crumpets.

Despite not having a lot of Christmas traditions, these are the things
that make Christmas memorable every year.


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