Role model Monday - Brogan Tate

This photo is not mine

As the second instalment of role model Monday I wanted to talk about my favourite YouTuber and blogger; Brogan Mooney, also known as BroganTatexo. I specifically wanted to feature Brogan in this series, because she is a genuine person who hasn't changed since the beginning of her online career and communicates with her audience to get to know them personally. 

Brogan started her Blog and YouTube channel 6 years ago in 2011 by posting about beauty,
lifestyle and travel. Brogan is a smaller YouTuber with 41,000 subscribers, but has had incredible opportunities such as travelling around the world and she also won a Cosmopolitan blog award in
2015 for best beauty. 

When I first started watching videos on YoutTube, Brogan was one of the first people I came across.
She is a YouTuber that I can honestly say I love and have watched every video that she has uploaded. About 4 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Brogan at IMATS in London. I was slightly nervous to meet Brogan as I thought she might have been different in person, and she was also the first YouTuber I had ever met (in fact she is the only YouTuber I've met). We only spoke briefly and took a few photos but she was so genuine, down to earth and the same in person as she is online. 

I consider Brogan to be a role model as she has still remained 'normal' and genuine over the years she's been online, and talks about her personal struggles. She also isn't afraid to cry in her weekly vlogs which shows true emotion to her audience and helps everyone to see who she really is. If Brogan was to live closer to me I would hands down love to meet up with her and become friends.

This photo is not mine

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