Makeup for on the go

I can spend up to 2 hours doing my makeup, depending on where I'm going and how much time I have spare. So for my makeup to fade and not look as good as it did originally can be very annoying. The one thing I don't like to do is reapply my makeup throughout the day, because your makeup then tends to look thick and cakey. However there are a few items that are easy to reapply.

The main thing that I avoid reapplying throughout the day is foundation or concealer. My makeup rarely fades to the point where I have to apply concealer but if I've been scratching my nose or if it's hot out, then I like to apply a powder with a slight amount of colour. This helps to give extra colour and coverage to your face but doesn't look as cakey if liquid products have been used.

Most likely if you're base has worn away or faded, so will your cheek products. Obviously you don't want to apply your bronzer, blush, contour and highlight as not only will that take longer but it will also add an extra layer to your makeup. I either like to reapply my bronzer or blusher but most of the time I gravitate towards a light pink blush to add some extra warmth and colour to my cheeks.

Throughout the day, the main thing to fade or crease on me is my eyeshadow. If I know I'm going to be out for a long time then I will carry an eyeshadow or small eye palette with me to touch up my eyeshadow as well as add some extra drama and definition to the eyes throughout the day.

The makeup item that is going to wear off and fade the fastest and easiest is your lip products. Sometimes you don't want to constantly reapply a bold lip, which is why I like to use a lip gloss or a highly pigmented lip balm. Not only are these quick to apply but you can also do it easily without having to use a mirror.

What makeup to you use when on the go?
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