Role model Monday - Demi Lovato

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The main reason I wanted to start this; role model Monday series is because of Demi Lovato. Obviously Demi is an inspiration and role model to loads of people all across the world, but she is also an inspiration to me. Demi is most known for her acting on the Disney Channel, her music and also being open about her battle with mental health and her personal struggles.

I've been in love with Demi since she was in Camp Rock and on Sonny with a Chance in 2008. At this time in  Demi's life, she was struggling with anorexia, bulimia, self harm, depression, drugs and alcohol. Demi has been very open about her past struggles including her experience when gong into rehab and living in a sober house as well as her diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

A lot of people, especially parents, might think that Demi is not worthy of being a role model due to her past struggles. However she has battled her issues and overcome them coming out 10x stronger.

Demi is a role model and an inspiration to me because she is living proof that no matter what you are going through and how hard life is at the time, you can overcome them and come out better the other side. She represents that everyone goes through the same things and we are all human.

Check out her recent documentary where she talks more openly about her past, present and future.


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