14 quotes for those hard days

This is not my photo 

Everyone has hard days, maybe more than we would like to admit. We all have ways to get
through the day and come out better and stronger. I have my own strategies and routines I do to
make myself feel better, but something that I think helps a lot of people are motivational and
 uplifting quotes. I have chosen my top 14 happiness quotes to share with you all, to hope make you're day better if you are in need of a pick me up.

All of these quotes have different meanings and stories behind them. Each one demonstrates
looking at the brighter side and focusing on the positive things happening and doing in life. 

All of these photos are not mine

What are your favourite quotes?
Let me know in a comment below.



  1. This post has made me so happy! I've even saved on of the pictures to make my phone background :), thank you so much x


  2. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it x