Tanya Burr selfie collection

This year I have became well and truly obsessed with Tanya Burr's makeup range. It was originally launched in 2014 and started with false eyelashes and lip gloss. I wasn't interested in the range until she added eye shadows, brow products and cheek products the following year. Since then I have purchased each collection that Tanya has released and am yet to find a product that I don't like.

Tanya's most recent launch is the selfie story collection, which includes a mascara, eyeliner and 3 brow pencils. The products range from £4.99 to £7.99, making them very affordable for everyone. Personally I don't wear eyeliner and I definitely do not need all shades of the brow pencils but I wanted to purchase the whole range to share my thoughts and opinions with you.

This range includes 3 retractable, double ended brow pencils that come in fair, medium and dark. Being apart of the selfie story collection this has a fitting name of; selfie sculpt. These have a beautiful gold casing with simple black calligraphy text. As these are double ended and come with a brow brush, it makes these easy and compact to use and carry when travelling. I was shocked by the quality of the pencil itself as when first used, it can be hard to work with. After working them up and testing them on the back of my hand, they become slightly softer and easier to use and apply to the brow itself. The only downside to the brow pencils I have found is that, once you have removed the plastic wrapping you can't tell which colour each brow pencil is. However for such a good brow pencil I can't complain. These can be found in Superdrug and Feelunique for only £6.49.

To be honest when I opened up the mascara I was disappointed to see that it had a plastic wand rather than a bristle wand. I personally find a bristle wand easier when it comes to application, but I decided I would give this a go and not judge a book by the cover. As this does have a plastic wand it helps apply the mascara evenly and get an even coating across the lashes, whilst also reaching the hard to get lashes at the roots and corners of the eye. Overall I still prefer a bristle wand when it comes to mascara, but this does give a natural fluttery appearance to the lashes without looking clumpy. Once again this is has an appropriate name; selfie lash with the gold casing and classic calligraphy text.  This can be found in Superdrug or Feelunique for only £7.99.

I don't wear eyeliner, as I don't think it suits me due to my eye shape and it is extremely hard to do and get it looking even. Despite this I decided to pick up the selfie flick eye liner from Tanya's new collection. Again this has the simple calligraphy text and the gold casing. This has a flexible tip with a fine nib, helping to give you more control throughout the application and making sure that you are able to reach the corner or your eye and close to the lash line. I was very impressed by the pigmentation of the liner itself as it is very black and dark and doesn't bleed out, compared to other liners that I have. This can be found in Superdrug or Feelunique for £4.99.

Have you tried Tanya Burr's new collection?
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  1. I love Tanya make up range too but I'm yet to try any of her Selfie Story collection. I would rather the mascara were a bristle wand too, but I think as it's so inexpensive I'll give it a good anyways! xx


  2. Thank you! I love so many of Tanya's products, but the brow pencils from this collection are my favourites xx

  3. I use Tanya's Selfie Sculpt in Light daily as my local Superdrug was selling them for only £1.00 each!