The perfect perfumes

Recently I was kindly scent 2 fragrances from a PR company. I have only ever been sent 3 PR
packages and this was very much appreciated. The parcel contained a perfume from Accessorize
and Monsoon. I have been trying these out for a few weeks, in order to give a full honest review as perfumes are a very personal thing, but hearing other peoples thoughts and opinions can have
an impact on your decision. I have deemed these the perfect season transition scents.

This is Acessorize's first perfume which has fragrance notes of raspberry, orange, muguet, bergamot and sweet vanilla, whilst also being combined with jasmine to give it a more fresh floral scent. The packaging is a classic glass bottle in a hexagon shape to make it more unique and stand out, followed with a pink 3D flower in the stopper. This makes the perfume stand out against other fragrances. This has a light scent,almost like a body mist, which is perfect for year round but is best suited for Spring to Summer due to the main floral fragrance notes. This is on the lower end of the market with the budget price of only £19 for 75ml which you can find on the Accessorize website and in store.

This is Monsoon's main scent that has fragrance notes of lemon, vanilla, rose, soft fruit tuberose, whilst also having undertones of amber, musk and eastern wood. Overall this helps to give the fragrance a more feminine and fruity scent which inspires the rose gold name. This is presented in a mildly tinted glass with an circular bottle, which helps give a more mature and simple appearance. 
The mature but fruity scent means that this can be worn year round to match the desired season. This is on the lower end of the market with the price of £24 for 30ml and £35 for 100ml which you can find on the Monsoon website and in store.


This post contains gifted items. See disclaimer page for more information.

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