Find your perfect Loreal clay mask

Trying to find a mask that suits your skin type and combats your problem areas, it quite difficult.
A lot of masks are harsh on the skin, whilst others not working at all. L'oreal have released 2
more masks to the existing 3 pure clay masks, that have different properties to target different
skin types. Finding the ideal skin care products for you can be very daunting when it comes to choosing, so I decided to this post to help people who are looking for a new face mask, choose
the one that is right for them. 

Find your perfect match!

If you are someone who struggles with acne/spot prone skin or impurities then this mask will be
 the best for you. This is enriched with charcoal which works as a magnet to draw out any impurities and deep cleanses the skin. This detoxes the skin leaving it feeling smooth and cleansed.

My favourite out of them all ... enriched with eucalyptus extract to purify the skin. The smooth texture of this mask helps to purify the pores leaving your skin looking refreshed with a
matte finish but without drying out the skin. If you problem areas but don't want something too
harsh, this mask will work best for you.

The glow mask is enriched with red algae extract, to brighten the skin and finely milled apricot
 seeds which exfoliates the skin without being irritating. This helps to illuminate the skin and add
a natural glow to the skin, whilst adding life to a dull complexion.

This mask is enriched with yuzu lemon extract which is known for it's brightening properties. This
is also enriched with natural exfoliators which cleanses the skin and the pores to remove any
dead skin cells. If you are wanting both an exfoliating and brightening mask then this is your match!

If you suffer from blemish prone skin and are looking for a mask that can combat that but not
be drying then this is for you. This is enriched with marine algae extract which is known for it's
anti-blemish properties. This helps to unclog blackheads and imperfections in the skin, leaving
your face feeling smooth and cleansed.


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