Semi colon tattoo

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The smallest tattoos can have the biggest meaning, which is the definition of my latest tattoo. The overall meaning behind this is that an author uses a semi colon when they could have ended a sentence but chooses not to and carry on. This is then used and linked to demonstrate life and mental health. The semi colon project has helped over 5.2 million worldwide since 2013. 

The semi colon project was founded in 2013 by a women named Amy Beuel as a tribute to her
father who died from suicide in 2003. Amy was abused my her stepmother following her parents divorce at age 6. She started self-harming and attempted suicide after being sexually abused at age
10 and being raped at age 13. In her early college years she was raped twice and suffered a miscarriage. She also suffered from alcholoism and had 5 major suicide attempts. Amy sadly
 passed away at age 31 on March 23rd 2017 due to suicide. 

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from anxiety and depression, but at age 13-14 my mental health got significantly worse. I started to self harm, isolating myself and being very ill. I have came very close to suicide following a near overdose. I didn't care about anything, anyone or the possible consequences. Everyone's story is different but the main factor that helped me was medication. I know people have very different opinions on the use of medication but this is what worked for me. I have been on anti-depressants for my anxiety, depression and mild ocd for over 2 years and despite not being where I want to be, I never imagined being where I am today. 

About a month ago I decided it was time to get my semi colon tattoo. I have this on the side of my wrist on my left arm and is the area that I used to self harm. I decided to get it in this place as a representation of how far I have come and that if I ever feel negatively compelled I can look
down at the tattoo and remember my journey so far. 

This is not my photo


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