Acts of love

Love is what makes the world go round (well actually it's money but for this lets say love!) Love doesn't just happen between 2 people or come in forms of relationships, it is around us at all times even if you don't realise it. There are things we all do on a daily basis that are acts of love that show that we care, even if it is as simple as holding a door open for someone or telling a stranger that they look really nice today. The smalls things make the biggest differences.

The definition of love is a strong feeling of affection. This doesn't have to be towards a person,
it can be for a book you just bought, a place you like to visit or a charity you are passionate
about. After seeing Blake Lively share a post on her Instagram of 49 acts of love, I decide to
 make my own list of acts of love.

Smile at people when you walk past
Hold a door open for someone
Give someone a compliment
Tell someone you love them
Pick something up that someone dropped
Give a homeless person some change or food
Donate £5 a month to a charity 
Ask to walk an elderly persons dog
Take a young child in your family on a day out
Bring your neighbors bin in
Volunteer at a home or shelter
Donate your unused and unwanted things
Take advantage of your manners 


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