Tanya Burr neutural ambience collection

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know that I have a huge passion and love for Tanya Burr's cosmetics line. I have done several reviews on her ranges and some of them are my most popular blog posts. Obviously when I heard that there was a new collection to be released I was on the website at 7 in the morning (I didn't wake up especially, I did have work), but it didn't go on sale until 4pm. I managed to get my hand on the entire collection which only consists of 4 products. The neutural ambience collection contains 2 eye shadow palettes and 2 lipsticks. 

I already have a few of Tanya's products from her collection including all the eye shadow palettes, lip sticks, illuminators and a few extra lip products. I was excited to see that one of the palettes had warm/copper toned shades, as I was so in love with the Hollywood eye palette that was previously released. I was also excited to see that the 2 lipsticks were nude which are the easiest to wear.

            Not only do I love Tanya's products but I also love the name that she comes up with for 
them, for instance the new lipstick shades are named; Sunday walk and bear hug. 

Bear hug is a light - medium toned brown that is a classic nude shade. This has a more cool
undertone to it which gives it the classic nude brown shade. When I first received these I had never tried out any of her lipsticks, so I wasn't sure if I was going to like them or not. I was shocked to see how creamy and opaque they all swatched, especially for the price and accessible they are.

Sunday walk is a light toned rose which is more sheer compared to bear hug, but is still opaque. This is a silky smooth consistency which is enriched with vitamin e for moisture and nourishment.

These can be found online or in selected stores at Superdrug or Feelunique for only £6.99.

Tanya Burr's eye shadow palettes are definetly my favourite product that she has released and
are my favourite eye shadows I have ever tried. They are also at a super affordable price of £6
which can be found at Superdrug or Feelunique online and in selected stores.

The first palette called; my escape. This contains 2 shimmer shades named; new perspective 
and wild jungle, as well as 2 matte shades named; tree tops and master plan. This is
inspired my khaki shades and is embossed with a palm tree design. 

These shadows give a more smokey sultry look that is best suited in the night time but 
can easily be transformed from day to night.

This palette is my favourite out of the 2 but also my favourite that she has released. This is called;
my paradise which contains 3 shimmer shades named; champagne cocktail, tranquility and Miami sunrise alongside a matte colour named hammock which makes a perfect crease/transition shade.

My paradise is inspired by a rose gold sunset which is perfect for an everyday Spring and Summer look. These shadows have a velvet texture which picks up the shadow very true to colour and are
also embossed with a pineapple print. I can't wait to wear this eye palette paired alongside bear hug
or Sunday walk lipstick in the Summer.

Have you tried out anything from Tanya Burr's new
collection? Let me know in a comment below.



  1. These all look so pretty - especially the rose gold eyeshadow palette! I might have to try it, I've never used one of her eyeshadows!

    Claudia | https://claudemorts.blogspot.co.uk

    1. They are incredible! Her palettes are definitely my favourite. I especially love my paradise, Hollywood and birthday suit! x

  2. I love Tanya Burr Cosmetics! I'm yet to try out the new range, but reading this post has made me want to go out and buy it all immediately! The lipsticks sound so lovely:) x


    1. They are incredible. You should defiantly go and try them x