18 life lessons I've learnt

When you think of life lessons, you tend to think of an empowering speech your Grandparents
would tell you. I've found in the last few years that you are learning life lessons every year, every day in fact. Most of the life lessons I've learnt were at the end of high school. As I turned 18 this year and have a bit more responsibility, I decided to it was a good time to share 18 life lessons I've learnt.

1. Quality over quantity 
2. Eat the pizza, it's worth it
3. Don't listen to what others think
4. Believe in yourself more
5. Miracles do happen
6. Life is hard but it's worth it
7. Spend more time with your family, trust me
8. It's worth waiting ... for anything
9. Being popular is not worth it
10. You're not always right
11. Be grateful for the small things in life
12. Do something you're scared to do
13. Money isn't everything
14. Don't hold grudges 
15. Friends are important
16. Karma will work it's magic
17. Spend the money .. treat yourself
18. Everything takes time


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