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Even just writing the title for this post is making my head hurt!! If you are like me then you will find any excuse to wear a full coverage flawless makeup look and go all out! One of the best ways to get a flawless base is to use colour correcting products to combat unwanted tones throughout the skin, which is why I was super excited when Collection came out with their own range in the drugstore.

I think everyone's favourite drugstore concealer is the Collection lasting perfection concealer, and
if it's not your favourite then you've definitely tried it. I can't remember what doing my makeup
was like before I used this concealer. When I heard that they were releasing the same concealer but for colour correcting it was inevitable that I was going to buy it. The best part about this, other
than the concealer itself, is that it is so accessible and affordable at a price of £4.19 each.

Lemon 1 
The lemon shade helps brighten under the eye and tackle dark circles.

Green 2
Counteracts redness from blemishes and any discoloration on the skin.

Lilac 3
Brightens a dull complexion by cancelling out unwanted yellow tones.

The consistency and coverage of the lasting perfection concealer is the main selling point, as it
is a full coverage concealer that isn't too thick to the point where it becomes cakey on the skin. I
like using these over the skin rather than under my eyes as they do tend to crease when used alone. To make these last even longer I would recommend using them under your foundation as not only will that help colour correct, but also avoids using excess products. To avoid touching up throughout the day I would recommend setting your face with a translucent loose powder, and a makeup setting spray to ensure that your're look lasts all day long! If you are on the go or you don't want to buy all 3, Collection also do a compact palette containing the 3 colour correctors in a cream form and a regular concealer for only £4.99 at Superdrug.

If you are unsure of how to colour correct then check out Superdrug's
 ultimate guide to colour correcting.


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