Netflix Shows You Must Watch

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If I'm being completely honest to myself and to you guys I spend wayyyy too much of my
time watching shows and films on Netflix. I haven't watched a wide variety of shows but the ones
I have watched are definetly worth sharing. There are many more shows which I am in love with
but I have compiled a list of my favourite 7 shows on Netflix that you must watch. 

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The reason I started watching this was because I had seen the trailer for the follow up show and wanted to watch the original series. This is about a dad looses his wife and is left looking after his 3 young children. He asks his best friend and brother-in-law to move in to help him out. This show follows the crazy antics that an everyday(ish) family gets up to. My favourite thing about this is how family orientated it is and the love that it portrays with one another. Rating: 4/5.

After finishing full house I knew that I couldn't not watch Fuller House. This has the same characters and same story line but instead follows the eldest daughter whom looses her husband due to a firefighting incident, her sister and best friend move in to help her look after her 3 children. This is set and made in the present, which makes the show more modern and relatable! Rating: 5/5.

If you haven't heard of Pretty Little Liars, then you must have been living under a rock. This show is set in Rosewood, Pennsylvania and follows the group of 5 teenage girls when 1 goes missing. They threatened and tortured by someone named 'A'. This show has very unrealistic events that take place and would never happen in reality. We are still yet to find out whom 'Uber A' is. The day this post goes live the last half of season 7 is starting on Netflix, but it is the final season :( Rating: 5/5.

This is one of the newest Netflix original shows, and a bizarre one of that. Drew Barrymore plays a character who gets turned into a zombie after throwing up a mysterious body organ? She lives with her husband and daughter, but has to learn how to eat and now live as a zombie without anyone else finding out. There is only 1 season available but I can't wait to watch more. Rating: 3/5.

These are not my photos

The prison show is based around Piper who gets sentenced to 15 months in prison. She then finds herself in prison with her ex girlfriend whom she committed the crime with, despite happening 10 years prior. The show demonstrates the 'reality' of living in an all women's prison and the struggles we don't realise actually happen. This is also a Netflix original with only 4 seasons so far with the 5th being released Friday June 9th. Rating: 4/5.

Shows that you can put on in the background and watch but not have to know the story line when you watch every episode. This is a comedy show that is set around best friends whom also happen to be physicists. Given the story line, it can come across quite dull but the comedy and humor that the writers have provided us with gives the show a more unique quality and diversity. Rating: 4/5.

After hearing about this show for months on Twitter I knew that I should give it a go. Grace and Frankie's husband leave them for each other, leaving Grace and Frankie feeling lost. They move in together and soon learn how different they are. Grace is a business women and Frankie is a hippy art teacher. They are forced to support each other with their recent tragedies. Rating: 5/5.

What are your favourite shows to watch on Netflix?
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