Anxiety Struggles

The word anxiety is thrown around everywhere in society like its candy. Whether someone has
been diagnosed with it and has just decided to share their experience, or if someone is having
an anxious day, we all experience some type of anxiety symptoms. If you have read my mental health post then you will know that I have suffered with anxiety and various other mental health problems for quite a long time. Over the time there have been definite struggles and things that
I've noticed can trigger my anxiety but are normal, everyday tasks to other people.

I thought it would be a good idea to share some anxiety struggles. 99% of these I struggle with,
and I know a lot of other people do too. The reason I wanted to do a blog post on this wasn't because its 'common' to have anxiety or 'on trend' to be struggling, but because it's a way to share what different people go through on a daily basis. Obviously I'm not speaking for everyone but these were some everyday struggles that come along with anxiety that I wanted to share.

1.The annoyance that comes along with when people
say; "stop worrying about it"
2.How loosely people use the term panic attack
3.Overthinking about overthinking at night
4.Anxiety over the smallest things
5.Being too early or too late
6.Afraid that someone will fall out with you
because you had to cancel plans
7.Shutting down
8.Anxious habits
9.Trying to focus on 1 thing when other
things are happening at the same time
10.No getting a reply to a text
11.Worrying something bad happened to
someone because they didn't reply to your text
12.Crying for no reason
13.Feeling like you're going to be sick
14.Having no organisation to anything in your life
15. Feeling like everything is your fault
16.Blaming yourself
17. Worrying if you're good enough for the
person you're in a relationship with
18.Feeling like a disappointment
19.Not wanting to be the first one to stand
up or leave a room
20.When someone says; "it's just a phase"
21.Not being able to sleep due to overthinking

Do you struggle with any of these? Let me know in a comment down below.


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