My First Designer Purchase - Ted Baker

When you hear the word designer, I immediately think of Chanel, Gucci or Valentino. What I
forget is that there are different price ranges and brands when wanting to buy something designer. Other designer brands include Reiss, Whistles or Ted Baker. I am the type of person whom adds designer items to by bag and never checks out. Since it was my 18th birthday I decided it was time
to treat myself to a Ted Baker purse and card holder that I was lusting after for so long!

The purse that I was lusting over from the Ted Baker website was the Knox metal corner leather matinee purse for £90. I had been carrying around a lovely River Island purse for years and it
was starting to fall apart so I knew it was time for me to purchase a new one. I have wanted a
Ted Baker purse for as long as I can remember but couldn't justify paying for one and couldn't
find the perfect purse for me.

I was browsing on their website randomly at the beginning of March and found the Knox purse.
What drew me to this was the colour and that it wasn't in the traditional design with floral's or bows. 

The main thing that I wanted in a purse was a lot of card slots, as I have quite a lot of cards
(mainly advantage point store cards). When I had a look at the pictures on the website I could
only see 12 card slots, but to my surprise when it arrived there were a total of 18. I am aware that
this is a lot but I like to have a place for everything to go and space for things to grow, which
is my favourite thing about this purse. 

When this arrived I fell even more in love with it, than what I did when I saw it
on the website. It is exactly what I wanted and more. 

This purse has 18 card slots, a zip inside for coins, 3 long card slots for cheques or miscellaneous
items, as well as a zip on the back. I purchased mine in the baby pink leather with gold metallic hardware and light grey inside. It is embossed with the Ted Baker logo and has a geometric lining. At the back near the cash note compartment it is embossed with a quote saying; 'see a penny pick it up ... good luck". This is my favourite thing about the purse and makes the purchase truly special.

When shopping on the Ted Baker website I knew that I wanted a card holder, despite what purse I was going to purchase. I decided I was going to purchase the Cilinir micro bow card holder for £30. The reason I've wanted a card holder for so long is because if I'm just popping out and need to take my bank card, then I don't want to lug around my purse. 

I purchased my micro bow card holder in the baby pink shade with the gold hardware. This has
light pink stitching and is a ribbed leather rather than a smooth leather which adds extra detail to
the card holder. This has 1 card slot on the front, 2 on the back and an open section in the middle.

Even though I have a lot of card slots in the Knox purse and can carry it around because it is super light, I love knowing that I have a card holder. If I was to go back I would probably purchase the Satinii curved bow leather coin purse, as it has the same look as the card holder but has a little bit more space which also makes it worth its money.

Overall I am in love with the Knox metal corner leather matinee purse and defiently think it is
worth the money. I also love the Cilinir micro bow card holder but I don't think it's worth the
money for the size of it, in comparison to the purse. 

Since posting this review I have since returned the card holder in
exchange for the Satinii curved bow leather coin purse.


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