Skincare and Beauty Haul

There is nothing better than walking into a beauty shop and spending your time looking around 
and treating yourself. I haven't done this in months. The last time I did this was last year 
around the time that I went to IMATS. Since I received some money for my birthday of my 
family, I thought I would treat myself and go shopping.

A lot of the products that I picked up I have already tried and I wanted to repurchase them or get back ups for when I run out. The other half of this shopping spree was for me to pick up some new products from the high street to try out or products that I've seen people rave about.

I picked up a lot of skincare products as I wanted to try out some sheet masks as they are so simple and easy to use. But one of my favourite things that I picked up was the Sleek highlighting palettes in the shade; solstice and precious metals. Keep your eye out for a review on these coming soon. 

Boots 3 minute clay mask - £1.50 - 3 for £3
Boots facial exfoliating sponge - £1.30 - 3 for £3
Natural Collection lash build mascara (similiar link) - £1.99 
Sleek highlighting palette (solstice) - £9.99 - buy 1 get 1 half price
Sleek highlighting palette (precious metals) - £9.99 - buy 1 get 1 half price 

Overall I saved £12.95 by using my Boots advantage card and saved 
£10 from the deals available. Adding to a total of £22.95 altogether.


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