Betty Box Subscription

Despite only trying 1 previous subscription boxes, they are still one of my favourite concepts. What is better than getting a box full of surprises that you know you will love? Nothing. There are different types of subscription boxes that you can get such as; beauty, fashion, food, and even periods. 

I have seen a bunch of PMS boxes online but they are always super expensive and mainly based in the US. This was until I watched a video where Brogantatexo and Betty collaborated together, and featured their subscription service that is available for you to get once a month.  

This box is tailored towards your monthly period needs. You can choose from sanitary towels, tampons or both. This is also accompanied with a box of treats and beauty products for your personal needs. Each box is different, where you can pick the date that is most suited for you and your period. Your first box is £6.99 and continuing months are £10.50

The box comes beautifully packaged with a box for night, later with sanitary products inside.
Each month a drawstring bag is included filled with sanitary towels and panty liners or tampons,
for when you are on the go. A box also included is titled; 'for you' which is filled with beauty products and treats which are there for a much needed pick me up.

When you go onto the Betty website and click on the Betty Box subscription you can choose from whether you would like; tampons, pads or mixed. You then get to choose the absorbency of them suited best for you. Once you have chosen you preference you get the choice of 3 dates. You chose the date that is nearest to your period for you box to arrive. 

Each month is the same, except for the 'for you' box which changes each month. The April months box came with a 8 products that are both beauty and snack themed. This box included; 

 Chocolate Affair Easter bunny - £5 for 6 chocolate mice

Total box price - £64.37

This box is totally worth it and I would 100% recommend it to everyone. Whether you are an adult who had been having a period for 20 years or you are just starting, this box is perfect for you.


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