Why I Don't Wear Makeup Anymore


If you told me 4 years ago that I would leave the house without makeup on I wouldn't have believed you. In fact if you told me this time last year that I would be going to college without makeup on I wouldn't have believed you. I never wore makeup for other people or as a way to pretend I was someone that I wasn't. It was purely a way to conceal my skin and help improve my confidence. 

Every time I go on holiday I always bring my full face of makeup with me but never wear any of it. So when I came back of holiday this year, I simply thought what's the point. Since being with Liam and hearing him say that he prefers me without makeup, I didn't know who I was trying to please. Yes I didn't wear it for other people, but I had a feat of the comments people would make if I didn't wear makeup.

My mom and family always told me I was beautiful and didn't need makeup, but I never believed them because I felt like they had to say that because they are family. Liam on the other hand isn't family and he didn't have to say anything that could potentially boost my confidence.

However I have become more confident since my acne scars have cleared up. They used to be a dark red/purple shade that you could still see through foundation. Now since they've cleared up, my confidence in my skin has grown. 

I still prefer myself with makeup and feel a lot more confident but feeling confident 
in your own skin is what makes everything so much better. I also don't wear makeup to college
or placement because I don't want to get up at 6am. I am in desperate need of my sleep!


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