Huge Book Haul

There is something so satisfying about not only buying new books but also how they feel 
in your hands. I love reading but I don't do it nearly enough as I should. Reading is something 
that I tend to do more on holiday as part of relaxing, but never do that at home despite having 
quite a lot of books. 

If any of you follow Zoella then you might know that she had 2 book clubs with WhSmith.
 So obviously I bought all of the 16 books she featured. Not only have I bought all of the books 
from her collaboration but I also bought random books here and there. I really enjoy watching 
book hauls and seeing what other people enjoy to read, so I thought I would do just that but as a 
blog post with the books that I have bought this year so far. 

As there are 14 books I thought instead of giving a brief description of each individual 
book, I thought it would be better and easier to read about the types of books I read and 
which ones I am looking forward to reading the most. 

My favourite types of books are contemporary, classic or young teen. Contemporary books are quite girly and romance themed, which are often also young teen books which are simpler to read. I also love classic books by authors such as John Steinbeck as they tell a story with a purpose. You may notice that 4/14 of these books are by Jojo Moyes. I have this thing where when I read a book by an author that I love, I will buy every book of theirs that I can find. After reading me before you, Jojo Moyes has become one of those authors and one of my favourite people.

Frozen Charlotte - Alex Bell
I was here - Gayle Forman
Mad girl - Bryony Gordon
Finding Audrey - Sophie Kinsella
After you - Jojo Moyes
Sheltering rain - Jojo Moyes
The one plus one - Jojo Moyes
A monster calls - Patrick Ness
Holding up the universe - Jennifer Niven
If I was your girl - Meredith Russo



  1. Ah such a lovely post, so many interesting books! Book haul posts are fun to view/read! Jojo Moyes is a great author, I enjoyed Me Before You. I’m sure you will be all stocked up until spring now, bet you can’t wait to devour them all. Also – what pretty covers!! Have fun reading! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you! I think me before you is possibly one of my favourite books, just like to film too. Defiently wont have anything to read for a while. Some are limited edition book covers from Zoe's book club xx