High Street Makeup Wishlist

These are not my photos

There is always new makeup items that brands are releasing, and it is almost impossible to try them all 
out. This is the beauty of wishlists. We can write them down when we want them and satisfyingly tick 
them off when we have purchased them. I have done a high street makeup wishlist before, but it is 
defiently time for a new and updated one. You can check out my first wishlist here.

Makeup Obsession custom eye palette
Tanya Burr cheek, face and body illuminator 
Tanya Burr lipsticks
Sleek solstice highlighting palette
Tanya Burr midnight eye palette
Real Techniques miracle mini sponges
Real Techniques bold metals diamond sponge 

I believe that Makeup Obsession is a relatively new brand, where you can custom make your own palettes from their range of eye shadows and cheek products. You can also choose the size and colour of your palette. They have a beautiful range of colours and I can't wait to make my own palette from them.

Tanya Burr has released so many new products, but I never purchased anything from the Autumn collection. In this she released 3 cheek illuminators, 1 face illuminator, 1 body illuminator, 6 lipsticks and an new eye shadow palette. Her products have come in beautiful shades and are high quality for being an affordable price. Even though I haven't tried these, I know when I do I am going to love them.

Everyone seems to have and rave about the solstice highlight palette from Sleek. Every time I see a photo 
of it, it just makes me want it 10 times more. This contains 4 beautiful pigmented shades that will add a 
glow to your skin that can be worn be both more natural or intense for an eye catching look! 

Real Techniques is by far my favourite makeup brush brand and last year they realised 3 more sponges to their range. I have tried out the miracle complexion sponge and the miracle sculpting sponge, but I am yet to try out the mini miracle and the bold metals diamond sponge. I am most intreaged and excited to try out the diamond sponge from the bold metals range, and truly put it to the test and see if it is worth it!


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